Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Waiting For It

You have of course heard the famous saying, "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword", take my word for it, it's true.
It is also true that the current administration has a very heavy hand when it comes to dissent.

I am waiting for a Terms of Service Violation to be delivered from Google over my antics.

You can accuse me of being paranoid all ya want, let me lay some facts on ya that just might surprise ya.
I started this Blog about two and a half years ago and it took forever to get anyone to notice it.
There are, after all, over TWO MILLION Blogs out there, with more coming every day.
If you recall, I just had my Ten Thousandth page load, or total hit after two and a half years.
Not too bad, I am just a little fish in a big pond.
My point exactly.

Out of those ten thousand hits, let me give you a clue of just who has been visiting my humble little site.

The Sergeant of Arms of the United States Senate, I have seen that ISP several times.
The Department of Justice.
The Department of Transportation.
The Department of Indian affairs.
The Washington Post.
The Wall Street Journal.

Not to mention some military addresses and I can DAMN WELL Tell You the FBI and several other ABC government entities have been watching, they hide their ISP's but if it comes out of DC, or Langely , with a United States address, who are they trying to kid?
I see these ISP's , I see they are watching.

Now I see Google is taking a hard look around Orneryville.

Don't let anyone tell you they aren't watching, they sure as FUCK are!
At the very least I can take a certain amount of satisfaction that they see that I am taking an active participation in the national discourse, even if they don't like what I am saying, at least so far they have let me say it anyway.

If ya come to see me and ya get a message from Google telling ya I have been found to have violated their terms of service because of my filthy mouth while attacking what I deem to be criminal behavior from my own government, take a small bit of pride in the Ornery Bastard for sticking my finger in their eye and know damn good and well I will pop up again somewhere until the day they come for me.


  1. Sheesh. Someone found my blog today on the search phrase "bob dylan suck on glasses." My regular readers - aren't many - include an NJ Transit train conductor & an editor from Romantic Times Magazine. I'd photoshop Palin being fucked by a moose if I thought it would get me noticed in the wingnut blogs.

  2. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Hey Busted,
    Just a drive by ta let ya know, I. Am. A. Daily. Reader. Let the alphabet soup have my ISP also. Please keep up the good work.


  3. Well, it's a way to get your hit numbers up! I never gave a shit how many hits I got. But if I can get 5 people to prep I have done a decent job.


  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    You're doing a damn fine job and I hope the bastards know I agree with you.
    Buy more ammo!

  5. When the office of Vice President Beelzebub visits, then worry. That's the IP identifier from hell.

    The rest are just kindred Ornery Bastards looking for stress relief.
    WE are everywhere EXCEPT in the inner sanctum of Loki's realm.

    Just imagine the stress level in that hell. Industrial Shredders running 24/7. The stench of fresh kills permeating everything. Flayings providing the office Muzak! Wails and shrieks that drive sane people to madness.

    Dicko the Hut picking his fangs with the pinkie phalanges of the doomed. Warming his bloated distal footsies on the pyre of federal supeonas...

    And William the Bloody helping him find his penis for Bobo to fluff.

  6. Being a computer ninny, and a tiny blogger, may I ask how you know whose IP it is peering into one's blog? I get a number of 'nav client' hits each week, and several from around the D.C. area...but how do you know who they really are? Sincerely, the computer-dumber-than-a-bag-of-axe-heads-woman

  7. The only time these assholes are confronted with the truth are places like this and not enough others. They don't like it and if the whore fucking media had done their job we wouldn't even be here.

  8. I get visits from the .gov domain occasionally. At first it was alarming, but I suspect it's just that there are people surfing on their lunch breaks.

    At least, I hope so...

    Labrys, check out the statcounter link in the left column.

  9. Labrys, go to the upper left of the page and click on "View My Stats".
    Then in the menu go to "Visitor Paths".
    It will show you where they come from.
    You can also click on "Visitor Map' and pick one and keep zooming in on it.

    StatCounter is free and easily installed, just Google it, it can be pretty amazing to look through at times!


  10. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Thanks, Busted. Interesting, I will have to see if it will work with Wordpress...

  11. Save yerself the grief Labrys6, it doesn't work with Wordpress, one of the major gripes I had about wordpress.

  12. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Well, crap, lol! Naturally...oh well, I look at my own stats thingie and it shows IP addys, but no true hint. Save these recent ones with NO info on the map/detail page at all. Just IP number and won't tell me more.

  13. if you go to sing sing are you allowed to blog?

  14. He's too bad a boy for that.

  15. busted, my sitemeter shows the same limited info as labrys6 said.

    i get the occasional unknown where there is no isp - it says unknown organization, the domain is unknown and the location is united states.

    i figure it is the forkers in the white van and i give them the traditional one finger wave my daddy taught me to give all g-men.

  16. Suzanne,
    I actually took one of those info-blank IPs to my message board info search. It came back as located someplace in Amsterdam. So, perhaps it is occasionally just a case of not working well with some systems.

  17. Hey man - I actually got email from the dept of shitheals OOPS I mean dept of homeland security! They suggested I might like to come read their blog. NO FUCKIN WAY did I click over there. Maybe we will finally meet up at the prison camp. I just hope they don't send me to one to sell our little beachside paradise here and get gone to New Zealand before too long!

  18. Anonymous12:54 PM

    An alternate view:

    Suppose these hits are from fed-up government workers, fed-up newspaper guys and gals.

    Just sayin.....