Friday, September 26, 2008

You Know Things Are Bad When..

Hugh Hefner has to start laying off staff and (GASP!) Playboy Bunnies!

The Horror!

I need to call Bush and have him throw some of my Bail out money to support the Bunnies!
The boys on Wall Street can go Fuck themselves, I'm all for more Bunnies! (NSFW)


  1. I take it nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

  2. It's okay, they all now want to be vice-presidential nominees anyway?

    With any luck, one of them will get a call on October 9th.

    Whatever. That part you got right.

    My sense of humor has gotten drier of late. Gallows humor? Normally, the antics playing out would have me in stitches. Then I realize this asshats are SERIOUS!