Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Am Not Going To Ask Politely.

Like everyone else, I have been watching the record melt down on Wall Street like the Big One coming out of turn four at Daytona Speedway that happens every year.

Ya know it's going to happen eventually but it always catches you by surprise and you just have to watch it, over and over so you can point the finger at the one guy who started the fiery chain reaction.

That is what is what has been bothering me, with 24 hour a day coverage of this carnage, Billions and Billions of dollars in damages and the legal and economic Tow trucks hauling off the burnt out carcasses of Financial business left and right, The New York Times, WAPO, the LA Times, pick a news source, I have yet to see anyone point a finger at ANYONE as to just who is responsible for this disaster.

Oh, there is the vague reference to this or that but I don't see any names.
I call Bullshit!

I want names.

Actually, what I want is to see the crooked assed Department of Justice, so famously compromised by the Bush administration, to get off their thumbs and start investigating this long term criminal enterprise.
The FBI should be all over this too as it really has affected the financial security of this nation.

Hey, I have an idea!
Isn't there some GIANT government agency that seems to be psychotically fixated on National Security?

Wait, wait, it will come to me, The Department of Homeland Security, that's it.

I would have to think that the theft by fraud of Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars might get their attention.
Oh, that's right, they have their hands full trying to find someone to blame for fucking up yet another response to a major hurricane that wiped out yet another U.S. city and can't be bothered right now.

I am very serious, the Federal Government has now pledged SO MUCH MONEY to bail out these scheming bastards of finance that my GREAT GRANDCHILDREN will be paying for this when THEY are Grandparents, yet strangely, not one single individual has had any charges pressed against them!

Who was it that said," A Billion here, a Billion there, pretty soon we are talking serious money"?

No, I am not asking nicely, I want to know who is responsible and I want to see jail time involved.

I see where the two guys who headed up Fannie May and Freddie Mac didn't get their Golden Parachutes, The Horror.

Spare me the tears.
You can bet your ass the Government saw all this coming a long time ago, many, many economists started predicting this as early as last year and yet here we are, holding the bag.

No, not this time, I want this handled like there were some fucking adults in our government and not one of the HUNDREDS of individuals who are responsible for this catastrophe should be able to see the light of day again for many, many years, let alone walk away with two dimes to rub together to their names.

I'm not asking at all, it better start happening in a hurry, there is going to be a whole heap of pissed off American citizens when they finally realize we are talking "Serious Money", and it is coming directly out of their ass pocket to pay off the biggest theft of money AND property, in the history of mankind.


  1. Oh busted!

    great commentary!

  2. standing on chair clapping

  3. This is Bushs' parting shot and the sad thing about it is that they will all walk because there were no regulations in place to prevent this. And it's far from over.

  4. Anonymous12:51 AM

    I'm standing on Suz and her chair, and ONE of them is gonna give quick . . . so I'll be brief.

    You go, Busted! *G*

    Suz, sorry bout the load, I'm down now. . . .


    But the Busted One could USE some load lightening, I think . . . hey, YOU two ever met?


  5. It was Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen who didn't say "A BILLION here, a Billion there, pretty soon you're talking REAL MONEY!".

    It was attributed to him. He often said that it sounded so good, he never bothered denying it.

    He was a senatorial orator of the first order. A republican who took leadership and honesty very seriously.

    When the senate republicans tried to derail the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Dirksen rose to his moment in history. During the debate on cloture of the Bill he said:

    "Victor Hugo wrote in his diary substantially this sentiment, 'Stronger than all the armies is an idea whose time has come.' The time has come for equality of opportunity in sharing of government, in education, and in employment. It must not be stayed or denied."

    But I digress. The name you're looking for is Ronald Wilson Reagan. Who, when he realized he could not "fix" Washington D.C., opted to hasten its collapse.

    Someday the intertubes will virally spread Dirksen's image from "Laugh-In" uttering the
    "Sock it to ME" and "Here comes the Judge" lines. Priceless. Oops, another digression.

    We are approaching a much needed "correction" to the Reagan detour.
    The losses will be staggering, but hardly the end of the world.
    It will be the end of THEIR world.
    Folks like us who know how to do more with less aren't really affected. Find a bleacher seat and enjoy the show.

    The "Opposite World" ride of the last 30 years is ending. The Merry-go-round's gears are stripping. It'll be spartan. We do spartan.

  6. Well said, OB. If McCain comes out on top in this one, the country might be headed for some serious turbulence. The "angry left" will (hopefully) live up to its name.

  7. The really sad part about all this is that we've been through this as a nation before. By "before", I mean four times. This sort of devil-may-care form of financing always ends up turning the economy into a disaster area.

    Anyway, Bustednuckles, you'll end up as a postscript in this article, if I can get it past the editor. ;-)

  8. I don't want names. I want heads. I want to see a fucking 10 yard Dumpster full of the heads of those bank presidents and hedge fund managers and credit swap gurus.

  9. Exactly.

    And right on, rehctaw