Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More BushCo Integritude

Just in time for an election.


I threw this up just minutes before getting away from work.
There is yet another HUGE ethics scandal getting ready to hit another Bush Administration department, the Interior Department and it is a doozy. Go read the article .


  1. Busted!

    Thanks for that great link.

    May I suggest that you add important snippets to your main post?


    ~~Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Dept.

    “A culture of ethical failure” besets the agency, Mr. Devaney wrote in a cover memo.

    The reports portray a dysfunctional organization that has been riddled with conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior and a free-for-all atmosphere for much of the Bush administration’s watch.~~

    BTW, Charlie Savage's reporting has been lauded at FDL, and more widely


    In 2007, when employed by the Boston Globe, he was the recipient of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting on the issue of Presidential Signing Statements, specifically the use of such statements by the Bush administration

    Above from "wiki" Charlie Savage

  2. You have been tagged again my friend.

  3. In '75, my first year working the tugboats supporting and supplying the oil fields of the NOrth Slope, when we landed in Anchorage on the way up therem we had a layover. Crowley put us up at the Hilton. Of course we headed for the bar. Drinks were free, hookers, coke, you name it - all free! Those were the days of COST PLUS, and these same motherfuckers are running this Interior Department and the Iraq war the same fucking way. Everything is for BUSINSES. EVERYGODDAMNEDTHING! I understand that Biden says the Obama administration may prosecute the crimes of the president and his vice. I'll fucking believe it when I see it. If all goes well me and the mrs will be residing in New Zealand. Let me know, ok?