Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello Nanny? Fuck Off And Die!

I don't know about any one else but I have pretty much had it with these wimpy mother fuckers who have no other issue to deal with in life except to tell me what I can and can't do every mother fucking minute of the day.
Can't drink.
Can't smoke.
Can't piss off my own fucking porch.

Have to wear a mother fucking seat belt to drive across a mother fucking street to order a mother fucking cheese burger and I have to have mother fucking insurance that the cock suckers use my mother fucking credit score to rape my fucking ass on a fucking truck that sits in my fucking driveway for months, before I find out it won't fucking start, and now I can't even wash the mother fucking moss off of the cock sucker because some fucking Nanny Bitch is afraid the run off might kill some mother fucking fish that she has never fucking seen before and would have no fucking idea what to do with if someone put the sonofabitch on her fucking table!
Fucking stupid cock suckers! Get a mother fucking life and stay the Hell out of mine!!!
By the way, Nanny Bitch, your government just went bankrupt., if ya have gone so far to figure out how the legislative process works, GO FUCK WITH THEM!
Either that or figure out how to masturbate so ya can find something else to occupy yer fucking time!


  1. laughing my ass off...very well done.

    But The Proggels want you to be safe and secure.

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Dude, yer pissed.


    I thought though, that it was all about Pelosi.

    Now I find it's all about yer own personal local Nancy.

    But EVERYONE knew her as Nancy!!! :shock:

  3. Can't piss off your own porch? WTF?

    Build yourself a blind. Equipped with a funnel and hose. That way it's not public but the output will be obvious.

    They'll need a new law to deal with that! And you can have fun watching them write it in proper legalese.