Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tell Your Senator How You Feel About The Theft Of Your Childrens Future

Yeah, Without a gun to my head, I do not approve of the theft of every single dime in circulation to bail these thieving bastards out, my message to Senator Murray(D) WA.

Senator , the fact that the Bush administration has been well aware of this "sudden" financial emergency only adds insult to injury.
No one can tell me that the government of these United States has been caught flat footed about this supposed financial emergency.
More likely, the Bush administration is not only trying to do a last minute grab for the last nickel in my pocket, they are also trying to insure that they are intentionally impovereshing my children, my Grand children and my Great Great Grandchildren in the most blatant transfer of wealth in the history of man.
Not only do they have the most pre planned theft of every last penny of every dollar currently in circulation, they want this robbery to be sanctioned by the United States Congress with ZERO oversight of any possible transaction and they want to be paid TWICE! Once for losing One Trillion dollars, and once to profit from doing it!
I would ask you to hold the very persons responsible for this National Disaster
to be PERSONALLY responsible for every dime that they have gambled and lost that brings us ALL to this point.

The Billions of dollars that were given out in bonuses for losing Billions of dollars is an obscene insult to every working man and woman in this country.

I implore you to do the right thing and sadly, let this countries economy right itself. Then prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law and then make some new ones to drive the point home.
Let me go on record as this being the one and only time that I not only usually support rescinding hundreds of useless laws,.but actually support the creation of more that will punish the ones who seem to think they are above the laws we already have.

One Seriously Incensed Constituent.


  1. *standing on chair clapping*

    excellent uncussy indignation, busted

  2. I have to work at it but I do actually have a working vocabulary that has more than four letters per word.,

  3. I copied it and sent it to Baird. Not that that motherfucker will read it...goddamned corporate democrat.

  4. If now is NOT the time to be putting heads on spikes in the public square, when would be proper?

    What's good for you? After listening to Transfer of Wealth boogeyman stories for 60 years and being reassured that our intrepid conservatives would NEVER. LET. THAT. HAPPEN.

    When this abortion of a bill is signed:
    -transfer complete-

  5. BTW, MY senators are Barack Obama and Dick Durbin. If their rhetoric holds, they'll not give away the store.

    Despite my vote, money and legwork,
    my congresscritter is Dan Lipinski.

    WE won't get Danny Boy this cycle, but we'll get him.

  6. Sadly none of these criminals will get the chair. Remember who's running the Justice Department. The Sapranos have taken over and there's nothing we can do about it.