Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

John McCains election strategy vividly explained in one picture.

Go see our friend
, it is pure genius.
Forget what you have ever known or seen when it comes to the Republican party's Grand Adventure and the shredding of our Constitution, the absolute criminal actions that are still Official Government policy and the Text Book Fascism that has been crammed down our throats, McCain is the "Change" candidate?

Lick my fucking balls, he should be in jail right along with the rest of them.


  1. I can only hope to attain the state that you have graced me with - Blessings upon you, Busted.


  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I sometimes wonder which black pen all us progressives have been lookin into, other wise, we wouldn't be as screwed as we are today.

    Given the Secret Service, FBI, and local law enforcement efforts to absolutely FUCK every non embedded Faux News fuck from Amy Goodman to iWitness in the Twin Cities . . .

    Given what they DID!!! It's the police state come home to roost and root.

    They infiltrated and exposed every group possible, kept records, and likely had pics they rehearsed to GET THAT PERSON . . . it was all planned, and planned well.

    They knew WHO to get, and where to get them, each and every one.

    There's some upsides to it all (might cost billions to prosecute), but the dark side is really, how they were so planned and ready to do what they did . . . and NO ONE in the MSM is talking about it.

    I mean, they openly and EASILY infiltrated each and every group that came to The Twin Cities.

    They beat journalists of NON MSM creds, they beat medics, they beat EMT's, they beat lawyers, they arrested and beat local folks who LIVE THERE, and were going to a concert and had to use the same pathways, they beat residents of color trying to sneak home . . . and they jailed them all, and beat them up and THEN dropped a few a block away from hospitals . . .

    FDL has the BEST coverage of this all.

    And the reality is, that innocent NOT Protesting citizens of The Twin Cities got whacked, beat and jailed.

    No rights, what so ever. I LIVE HERE!!! WHACK!!! Cuffed, and more.

    Never mind if ya got issues with health or medical conditions, and you LIVE there, you were WHACKED, and busted. No rights. No calls.

    I sure hope USA speaks more of this, cuz it was MUCH more worse than ChiTown of '68 . . .

    This was a government run operation to test the system and run the logistics . . . and medical folks and local citizens got fucked up as bad or worse than the handful of anarchist who broke windows.