Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Give Me Your Lunch Money Or I am Going To Beat You Up

Think about it, it's the same message that these thugs have been using since the third grade! Paulson, Bernanke and every weasel assed Republican who is eyeball deep into this scam are using this FEAR tactic just like Bush and Rove and all the rest of their Media bitches.

Have a nice, warm and fuzzy little party , celebrate how you managed to fuck up your own wet dream.
Your "Same Play, Different Messenger" is so predictable anymore that you shouldn't be allowed to do anything except shovel, by hand, every single dollar of the money you have already gambled and lost and every single fucking one you want me and the rest of the middle class to come up with to save your miserable ass until the day you die. If I was as heartless as you are, I would wish the same fate on your children, your Grandchildren . your Great Grandchildren and your Great Great Grandchildren, just like you have just done to ninety nine percent of the people who try to live from day to day in this country.

Let me tell you something Paulson, when the people of this country start starving, it won't matter who is in charge, bad things will start happening.
You and your little pals have been playing with fire like there is no tomorrow, believe me, there is going to be a tomorrow and you have gone out of your way to see that it is going to be devastating for millions of my fellow countrymen.

Try to bully your way out of the repercussions of that.You are going to run and hide like the Bully you are.

With any luck, you will now be the poster boy of the political party that made it happen and there will be a Man Hunt for anyone even remotely connected to this administration after all of the atrocities start coming to light that have been unreported, yet.


  1. With any luck at all, those cocksuckers will be lying dead and rotting in the streets in front of their mother's houses just like they have left so many before. FUCK EM, every swingin dick one of em and every motherfucker who voted for the sons of bitches.

  2. Oh buddy, we are very much on the same page.