Friday, September 05, 2008

Green Grass And High Tides

The classic Outlaws tune in it's entirety.

I are a Redneck and I approve this message.


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    And I'm an ex dirty fuckin hippie who had hair to his waist and I approve that song.

    Truly one of the most epic songs ever from rock.

    Trip gits.

    Rousing fantasy lyrics of our youthful dreams.

    Chorus' of finality and resolutioin.

    As Kings And Queens Bow And Play For You.

    Tempo changes . . . lead swaps, cut leads.

    Grand. Majestic.

    I gotta get my fest pals to do this one for camp jams.

    I dream of these songs with a mando, dobro, fiddle, git, banjo and dawghouse bass . . . been dreaming for decades about that kind of shit.

    Guess I need to put it to purpose.

    Sittin On A Fence is one.

    We did Brown Eyed Women last Satruday night, on Heathen Hill (thought you'd like that name). More Santa Cruz folks who don't live in Santa Cruz or camp with us in the Santa Cruz camp.

    Them Heathens, they got a few pickers been on the road for decades. They can up and do Springfield's 'Go And Say Goodbye' (which we did last Saturday night) at the drop and nail all the parts.

    Into Grisman's EMD as an instrumental, and into Brown Eyed Women and out with Morrison's Mystic Eyes.

    All with acoustic stuff . . . all played note for note, and everyone gets solo's too . . . and split breaks and solos . . . all with just a nod of the head, a look up to someone and a smile . . .

    Best. Fun. Evah.

    High Times Indeed.

    3am I got lost getting back to my camp. It's only 100 yards away. Went down the wrong side of the hill, wandered for an hour, home at 4am and tired.


    Fest happens.


  2. busted, this fucking rocks. hard.

    thanks dood

  3. At's the shit, ain't it?
    I hadn't heard that in a long time.
    The Outlaws had some great tunes.
    Hurry Sundown is another good one.