Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Reason This Bailout Will Be A Total Disaster

The plan , which the Bush administration sent to Congress late Friday.

If you read this article there is enough in it to see the end result will be totally fucked up as after all who's in charge.

They knew this was coming of course and the draft was sent to Congress on Friday. The problem is that there is also a bill involved a long one for sure and this was written long before now you can bet on it. Crafted by all those who will benefit from this debacle. Business as usual from the Bush whores and country rapists.

Within this article there are several references to how this needs to be done now and very quickly along with feigned outrage from the likes of Reid and Pelosi. Patriot Act ring a bell?? The last and in the end what will turn out to be a trillion plus give away to those that stole it another gift from these low life sonsofbitches that control our country.

Cenk Uygur writes this emotion filled piece on this issue hoping and explaining how BO can use this to his advantage. Will he? I'm not counting on it but I believe this could be a tipping point that could make the difference between winning and losing in November.

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  1. no protection for homeowners
    no oversight
    no stopping of exec parachutes

    sounds like a bush bill

    and maybe -- nancy is getting a spine on this one -- maybe