Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Welcome To Reality Chumps

As I stroll through Blogtopia (Y! SCTP) lately, I am saddened by the fact that many people have suddenly realized they actually live in a Police State.

Where the fuck have you been?
You are just now coming to this realization?

It must be nice to be so insulated.

Rodney King ring a bell?

Just so ya can fully understand, Leave It To Beaver has been off the air for over Forty Years and Daddy Knows Best was a Goddamn farce in it's day.

This ain't Mayberry folks, it is much more akin to Stalinist Russia if ya start looking past the fucking Starbucks Latte in yer hand.

Think back to whenever you became aware of your surroundings, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, hell the Eighties was a giant leap for the machine.
Then came the nineties and Technology went through the roof.
Now it is unmasked Fascism, raw and deadly serious.

Pre emptive raids on journalists with hopped up warrants that are so fucking sloppily thrown together they don't even bother with the correct address, you motherfuckers are getting raided at gunpoint without cause, without due process, without breaking a single law and without resistance.
Resistance is futile.
Want to gather peaceably for a political statement anywhere in this country?
Get ready to get pepper sprayed, tazered, beat up, tortured, denied food, water or medical attention, just for starters.

Nice to see that the MSM is all over these developments, (cough, cough)
even as they are being abused and arrested like they are so much different than the average anarchist.
The fact that the media is not screaming bloody murder is a very telling non statement.
Fucking weasels.
Good Morning Amerika, try not to stray into the public domain without being ready to be arrested for standing on the fucking sidewalk, what are you thinking, anyway?

Get back to work, if you are lucky enough to have a fucking job and whatever you do,
DO NOT even appear to have an opinion or try to voice it, they WILL tazer yer ass, Bro.

The bestest part to come January, not a fucking thing is going to change in that aspect, Comrade.
It doesn't matter who gets into the Whitehouse.

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  1. What, not watching Moose Mcgillicutty's "Four more wars" speech?

    tee hee, the irony, the irony