Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Never Stopped

Since the dawn of man, people have suffered, it is now apparent that the Middle Class in Amerika is finding this out.
Welcome to reality ya spoiled fucking assholes.

Sorrow is your name.

Put the headphones on if ya got 'em.
This is Pink Floyd at the apogee of their career.

By the way, that one percent that has swiped all of the money their Fed Gov buddies can print?
Yeah, look back into history as what happens to fucks like you.
I ain't currently eating any cake, ya fucking assholes.
Google Tar and Feathers and Torches and Pitchforks fer starters, then look for Bastille , then look to Revolutionary war. Just for shits and grins, Google Tax rates in 1944.
94%, assholes, just so ya know, it can happen. By the way, those greedy fucking assholes you bought in Congress briefly toyed with the idea of taxing some of those huge bonuses you gave yourself with our money at 95%., until you sent your flying monkey lobbyists on 'em to remind them where their fucking gravy comes from. There is a precedent, you dirty fucking bastards and Congress can be voted out, even with your Supreme Court Butt Buddies.