Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter of Introduction

I feel humbled and honored to, wait....that's just a hangover. Never mind.

Anybody remember that Farside cartoon by Gary Larson where God drops the jar of humans and goes "Oops" as they all go scurrying wildly off? As the Ornery Bastard himself likes to say...BUWAHAHAHAHA!

Him and I might not be of the same political persuasion but all that really means is that we come at things from different angles. The truth is that we generally agree on a lot of things. Like Jameson on the rocks being good, Dick Cheney being a treasonous sonofabitch who has The Constitution printed on his toilet paper and both of us being WAY too fucking old for the mosh pit anymore (which we learned the hard way, thank you very much).

Anyway, I'll be guest writing from time to time so get over it.


p.s. - Here, have some good music for a change...