Monday, February 22, 2010

Price gouging sonsabitches

My buddy OB is kinda burned out on blogging (or so he says, anyway...I seriously doubt he'll last long without some place to vent about this, that or the other thing) so I'm gonna be filling in here and there.

Near as I can figure it, people come here for his rants and spiels, whether they agree with him or not. I got some big shoes to fill so I might as well get started. I hope to have a troll of my own someday.

So here ya go. My very first rant as an Ornery Bastard in training. I stopped on the way home today to pick up some beer at a store I ain't been to in awhile. The price gouging sonsabitches wanted $16.99 for an 18 pack of MGD bottles. Keep your snobby beer opinions to yourself. You drink what you like and I'll damn well drink what I like. $16-fucking-99 for the exact same thing I could get 2 blocks down the road for 3 bucks cheaper!

Now, unlike that fat ass whiney liberal bastard Michael Moore (who made a so called documentary about the very thing that made HIM a fucking millionaire) I ain't got a problem with capitalism. It's a free market and they can charge what they want. They stay open so they must get enough brain-dead idiots who pay it. Fortunately, it's also a free country and I'm a man who votes with his feet. Walked out the door, got in my truck, drove 2 blocks and saved 3 bucks. Stupid greedy fuckers. If it was just a buck more I might have paid up for the sake of expediency. But 3 bucks? Oh, no fuck no. 3 bucks is a gallon of gas that'll get me to work tomorrow so fuck 'em.

What the fuck is wrong with people these days that they can't make a modest profit and call it good? The store 2 blocks down the road manages to keep reasonable and competitive prices so why in the hell can't the one I originally walked into? I'll tell ya why: it's the difference between honest capitalism and pure unadulterated fucking greed. When I saw the price ring up I had to look around to make sure I had actually walked into a local convenience store and not somehow stumbled onto the floor of the god-damned US Congress!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.