Sunday, February 07, 2010

CongratsTo The Saints

I always root for the Underdog and in this case, the winner is those poor sonsabitches in New Orleans who now have to put a bunch of party food away and are not busy marching the streets celebrating a fucking foot ball game win.
I guess I can give them a bit of slack as it is the best thing that has happened to them since Heck of a Job Brown left town.
Without a doubt, this win will do more to put money back into that town than any fucking thing the Federal Government has done since Hurricane Katrina.


  1. Nasty Girl10:44 PM

    I don't care. I wanted the colts to win. I hate the saints. They cheated the vikings out of the superbowl. I wanted to see them get their asses kicked. I'm more bummed that football is over tho. I love football and now I have to wait till July to see it again.

  2. Chinasyndrome3:57 AM

    I'm Burning my fucking Manning jersey,my Idianapolis chokes choked again.Fuckers. Hey dude you shake that damn cold off?

  3. My Road To Freedom8:00 AM

    No body promised you a rose garden. I don't expect nor want anything from the fucking federal government. I wonder how many football players put money into that town. Stinking city at best.

    See Ya

  4. Bad Tux2:12 PM

    Off topic, I found a solution to your Echo problem. It's called Disqus. And unlike this shitty Echo crap, it'll email me when someone posts on a thread I've posted to, and it'll let me post links to other posts, and it'll import all your Echo posts, and it's FREE.

    As for the Saints, my brother in Louisiana called me up and said, "Who dat?" And I said "what?" And he said "Who dat?" And I said "Who what?" And he said "The Saints, dummy! They won the Super Bowl!" "Oh. That was today? Who were they playing?" "You didn't watch the game?" "I don't have a television, dude!" "oh."

    I get the impression they're going to celebrate all this week. Then *next* wee is Mardi Gras. So they're goin' to make a twofer out of it ;).

  5. Mayberry3:35 PM

    The fedgov has dumped hundreds of millions into that sinking cesspool Busted. They shoulda let it go back to the swamp, then maybe the Gulf Dead Zone wouldn't be so fucking big....

  6. Anntichrist S. Coulter11:03 PM

    Hey, "Mayberr" --- you ever BEEN to New Orleans, or do you just believe the horseshit that FUX news put out as crackers all over this country fucking CHEERED as my people were drowning in the streets of one of the oldest cities on this continent? Were you one of those genocidal-chubby crackers?