Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Didn't Think I Was Done Yet?

Hell fucking no, I'm not done yet.
I had to stop with the political shit, it was makin' me fucking crazy. It does not matter what ever "Party" it is, they are ass fucking us until I can't get the taste of ass out of my mouth and I am right on the verge of going all Glenn Fucking Beck on assholes like that giant douchebag, Rush fucking Limbaugh.
Guess what, ya fucking assholes, you keep spewing rhetoric calling for violence and you keep getting called out on it but don't stop.
Here is a Jihad for you fucking assholes. You think that us folks on the left are little lay down pussy fucking Dirty Fucking Hippies and are all Tree Huggers?
Wrong, assholes. I call myself Bustednuckles for a reason. You get your crazy fucking little Tea Baggers around me and there is going to be a Tea Bagger looking for a fucking dentist.
Shit. I just saw a little twenty two year old girl break an old mans teeth out. By the way, she is a Left Coaster from a long line of Tree Cutters. Not Tree Huggers.
She will fuck you up and then you will find a God Damn Army of Tree Cutters on your pussy fucking ass. Did I mention they all are very proficient at killing things on four legs at a hundred yards? Did you happen to catch that twenty two year old girls will bust yer fucking teeth out?

I am all done with your shit. You keep trying to incite a class war, you have no fucking clue what you are looking at. Come on Glenn, Rush and all of you other ass munching Right Wingers that keep inciting class warfare violence. Let me give you a clue, the folks that lived in the South East went West during the last Great Depression and we are still here.My family included.

You are playing a dangerous game you stupid sonsabitches. Publicly calling for sectarian violence is going to bite you right in the fucking ass.

You can run your mouth but you can't hide.I keep hearing little whispers of another civil war, seriously. My take on that is 95% of Americans are going to start hunting the other 5% that have stolen every bit of our economic engine right in front of our eyes with the help of our elected fucking government. Remember the run on ammunition? One Billion rounds of ammo were bought buy the average idiot American citizen last December alone. One Billion. Think we don't know we are getting fucked by you dirty fucking bastards like Goldman Sachs and all the rest of you fucking assholes? Freddy Mac, Fanny Mae, AIG, oh fuck you guys.
I see where some smart bastard is recommending you all get the fuck out of the city and start buying farm retreats and food and gold and probably rabid fucking Doberman Pincher's.

Y'all are way too fucking late, a victim of your own greed.
Who the fuck do you think is going to bring in all those mysterious supplies you have no clue that you need?


Yep, that pesky 95%.

Yer gonna die.

Unless you have some spectacular concierge kinda guy that can get you every fucking thing you want or need, you are just as fucked as the rest of us.

Unless there is some kind of massive Biological weapon or a Nuke unleashed, you are SO going to be fucked because the rest of us poor motherfuckers are going to go right back to what got our Grandparents did to get through the First Depression and if you think I am Bullshitting I would point you to teh Google and the huge resurgence of self sustainable living, the amount of people who have started gardening for the first time, the underground economy that is flourishing and the general FUCK YOU of the aforementioned 95% who are turning to bartering.
Y'all think you have it all figured out. Yer gaming the system and transferring my Grand childrend's lifetime earnings, are going to bankrupt the Middle Class and Repo half of the properties in this country and then tax us to fucking death and pass so many Goddamn laws that even the Attorney Fucking General can't keep up with them and then treat yourselves to a giant heaping of enforced slave labor at your leisure.Not to mention you are going to buy most of what was left of the American Dream back at ten cents on the dollar.
I have bad news for you dirty fucking cocksuckers.

It's coming and you should have listened to your little buddy and got the fuck out of Dodge while ya could with your ill gotten gains.

The fuse has been lit and the smart assed fuckers who started this are going to be gone over night like the fucking Rapture. The rest of ya are going to be Buzzard Bait.