Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Big Fuck You And A Thank You

You will notice that the Echo commenting system is history, bye bye , adios mother fucker.
Thank you BadTux, The Snarky Penguin, for pointing me to Disqus, which is free.

I got this strange Email from PayPal telling me that my subscription to Echo Live Pack subscription has been cancelled by JS-Kit.

So I emailed JS Kit and basically said just that, WTF?
When I didn't hear anything back right away, I said fuck it and deleted Echo and installed Disqus.
While I am in the process of that, I get an Email in reply. to wit;

When you paid for the first year of Echo or for JS-Kit Comments, we also set an automated annual recurring payment on Paypal. this is also known as a subscription.

Based on the feedback of many customers, we have decided to cancel this auto-renewal option on Paypal that is being set during your first payment.

This doesn't affect the first payment that you have made, and your Echo is still fully functional on your domain, and will remain active for a period of one year after the date of first payment that you already made.

To which I replied,

Yeah, well, you could have sent me an email explaining that. Instead, I got one from Pay Pal.
So, Thinking that I had mysteriously been canceled, I have removed Echo from my Blog and installed Disqus.
Have a nice day.
Keep the twelve bucks too.

I didn't like that Echo shit anyway, so now they can just take a huge suck right outta my ass.

Comment away me Bucko's.