Saturday, February 06, 2010

One Down, 27.99% Of The Population To Go

Domestic Battery.

I predict some anger management classes in your future, dickhead. Ya don't be slappin' on the womenfolk asshole.

Yes, it is a gratuitous swipe at Republicans, they absolutely deserve every fucking one they get, too.
Take for example this rotten motherfucker,

Richard Shelby (R)otten Cunt (A) for asshole.
This piece of fucked up Legislator is almost single handedly holding up the confirmations of over SEVENTY nominations for positions such as THE DIRECTOR OF HOMELAND SECURITY because he isn't happy that one of his major donors is not getting the contract to build air tankers.
If I remember right, this is the same contract that John McCain got all pissy about and so did my Senator, Maria Can'twell.
I say almost single handedly because that fucking cunt Mitch McConnell is being point man on this egregious bit of extortion on a National scale.
The major donor for Shelby that he wants the contract for isn't even an American company. Why does Senator Shelby hate America? You traitorous self serving anal wart.
His actions have garnered him the dubious distinction of his very own knick name for his treacherous actions, via the Daily Intel,

When Democratic senator Ben Nelson made a deal for the federal government to forever pay for Nebraska's expanded Medicaid program in exchange for his vote on health-care reform, Republicans gleefully referred to the agreement as the "Cornhusker Kickback." When Democratic senator Mary Landrieu secured $300 million in Medicaid payments for Louisiana in exchange for her support for the bill, it was deemed the "Louisiana Purchase." Now Republican senator Richard Shelby of Alabama has single-handedly held up the confirmations of 70 federal nominees with something called a "blanket hold." It's a move we humbly propose become forever known as ... the Cotton State Cockblock.

Seventy nominations blocked by one fucking jerk from Banjo Land.

Just a note to you stupid fucking pussies in the Senate, you remind me of that young man all too much. You can play like hell but when someone actually tries to inter act with you on a sincere basis, you turn yer fucking heads and ignore the hand stretched out in good faith.
Fuck you Shelby, I hope to Hell this gets enough attention that the rules of the Senate are changed so this kind of outrageous bullshit can never fucking happen again and I also hope you get Cock Blocked if you run again, bitch.


  1. finefroghair1:10 PM

    lets see what else can this chickenshit be called
    Shelby Shit Stopper
    Alabama Anal Abraision
    Red Tide Rape
    Shelby Sinister Sodomizing
    This man is a traitorous piece of shit the backwards fucks who elect him are no better

  2. Chinasyndrome3:29 PM

    Busted I'm not sure I understand your position on this. Hopefully its that kind of shit that will make people finally say enough is enough.

  3. Ronniep3:41 PM

    I was working in WDC when this prick was running for the Senate seat as a DEMOCRAT. Organized labor
    was dedicated to getting him elected and sent several Intl. Union staff members to work on his campaign.
    I don't remember why labor was so hot to get him elected but would suspect that coming from Alabama, he was by far the lesser of several evils. Didn't take him long to switch to the Republican party, where his true allegiance really was, and begin demonstrating what an unscrupulous bastard he really is. This is a perfect example of why working people should NEVER VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN. They can't wait to get a chance to stick a knife in the back of working people. This is not meant to pat the current bunch of spineless fucking Democrats on the back, either.

  4. karen marie5:50 PM

    Well, finefronghair, I think "Dick" pretty much covers all the bases when it comes to "Dick" Shelby.

  5. Anntichrist S. Coulter5:57 PM

    Even though I choke when saying it, I'm sure that our almost-neighbors in Alabama aren't ALL ignorant, inbred, frothing-at-the-mouth, knuckle-walking fucktards, or they wouldn't have the Southern Poverty Law Center. Granted, can't say as I've ever MET a democrat in AL, but Montgomery can't be ALL mouth-breathers anymore...

    ANYWAY, BN, darlin', I looooove the way that you express yerself. You remind me of me, back when I gave a fuck.

  6. Anntichrist S. Coulter6:07 PM

    P.S.: RE: the mouth-breather in the top photo --- all I need is a home address, gas money and my four-way drop-forged tire tool. Well, I might bring my late nephew's aluminum tee-ball bat for the kneecaps, but a tire tool can be inserted into FAR more orifices whilst yer workin'... He wanted to elect a POACHER who slaughters wolves from a fucking HELICOPTER? That's probably his IDEAL BIMBO. Nothin' between her ears but hairspray, but ooooooh, she loves GUNS!

    Gee, I'd probably enjoy going through HIS gun collection (you KNOW that he needs the phallic support of a huge collection of AKs and so forth!) after I've beaten him and duct-taped him nekkid to the hood of his hoopty pickup-truck. Here's a toe, there's a finger, oh, and get out the magnifying glass/high-powered scope to find those raisinettes between his legs!

  7. heydave10:12 AM

    who is the asshole in the "I'm an asshole" shirt?

  8. Bustednuckles10:14 AM

    Some Clown who got busted for Domestic Assault. I got the picture from The Smoking Gun via Fark.