Thursday, February 04, 2010

So It Begins

I got a bonus present for my birthday, another fucking cold.
I felt it coming on Sunday night and true to form, I am in bed today, hacking and coughing, tickle in the throat, my head is completely plugged up and I have a sinus headache just for fun.
I hit the Nyquil after I woke up this morning with all the above, plus my eyes were glued shut with crusty shit.


I got up at noon and started to drive to work and stopped at the nearest convenience store to get some kind of cold remedy, oh fuck no.
By the time I got out of there, my head was pounding and I was sneezing and hacking constantly.

I am so sick of being sick!

I finally had some relief about an hour ago.
I spent some time on line looking at seed outfits, the garden bug is biting me too. I tried to order some on line but fer some damn reason, it wouldn't take my card even though there is enough mony to cover it easily. The damn thing has been giving me fits lately when I try to swipe it too. Fuck that noise.

I dragged my narrow ass out of bed and went three blocks down the road to the Feed Store and collected quite a variety of seeds for this coming Spring.

I also got a wild hair up my ass and bought 50 fucking pounds of something that I am going to have to get my shit together to process and store but hey,I got it out of the way at least.

While I was online earlier, I also surfed around a site called LocalHarvest Dot Org that you can use to look around anywhere in the country to find local farms and farmers markets and actually found a lady less than a mile from me who sells fresh eggs, the occasional chicken and manure to compost. Quite the score if she emails me back.
Check it out.

Anyway another round of uncontrollable hacking is upon me and I can feel a fever too. I am going to see if I can't burn this off.

Got seeds?
If not, they are forecasting shortages for some seed types, food shortages in general and who knows what the fuck else here in the near future. I don't need a tin foil hat, I don't trust these motherfuckers anyway.
Get off yer ass, I did.


  1. some guy7:10 PM need a "perpetually hungover while wearing a tin-foil hat" label.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Get you some Sambucol tablets, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. Take every morning for 2 weeks. It will lessen the severity, and will "immunize" you against further attacks.

    That said, Dayqull works real good during the day.

  3. Tengrain8:38 PM

    Busted -

    I got the gardening bug bad, too, and a cold too. Get outta my head! (I bought the 'Paul Robeson' tomato seeds to try this year, if it ever stops raining...)



  4. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Um, please realize that chicken manure should lie fallow dug in or on top, for 3 months before you plant. Steer manure, you can dig into your plot, and plant right away. There's some fucking science for this, but you'll have to google it up, I sure ain't gonna, I already know it!

    You ever get the recent package? Music, that is?

    Aside from all that, get well, quit yer bitchin, and be thankful you got a job you CAN take time off from, when you ARE sick . . . what the hell shit are you GETTING germs from, every time you go to party?

    Kids in schools are THE biggest germ makers and spreaders . . . are you around kids?

    Ah hell, happy post hatchling, get well, and don't use chicken manure unless you know what yer doing.

    Them local eggs, though, THAT sounds delish . . . some onion, garlic, a lil basil, or oregano and chili serrano's, with sausage or beef or pork or chicken. That's dinner, smeared over some corn bread, or grits, or taters . . . or toasted bread . . . shut up and eat!

  5. Larue1:31 AM

    What's this new comment shit? I'm Larue, not anon . . geebuz, NOW how the fuck do I have to log in?

    Killin me, fuckin CIA, FBI, DDT, and more are behind this no doubt . . . keyrichst.

  6. Larue1:33 AM

    Chicken manure, that was me, Larue, Busted . . . get well and . . . aghhh. Do what ya will, yer gonna do it anyways . . . *rollseyes*

  7. Suzanne1:45 AM

    hope ya feel better soon busted -- ya want some chicken soup?

    and this new commenting system sucks big green slimey ones dood -- forker said i'm not me and would not let me sign in using my blogger url.

    fuckers (spitting) -- hope blogger doesn't install this forking comment system over at my place.

  8. Chinasyndrome3:17 AM

    Hey busted,that sucks Bro. Hope ya kick that shit quick.Everybody sez OJ helps dont know bout vodka,could work.Glad to here you get some more preps in.Now days man trust yourself and not much else.

  9. degringolade6:16 AM

    Dude: I got some heirloom bean seeds and some other stuff getting ready, I am also getting ready to do starts on my tomatoes....want me to save some seed and plant some 'maters for you?

  10. Hermitjim7:25 AM

    Hope you get rid of that cold pretty soon, buddy! Nothing worse that being sick in the winter time!

    Guess I missed Happy Birthday!

  11. Bustednuckles10:03 AM

    Degringolade, By all means! Thanks.

  12. Anonymous10:58 AM

    OK, old fashion way: 3-4 drops of distilled water on full glass (250 grams) of vodka (any kind), 3 times a day before meal. Please do not overuse distilled water - might diminish overal healing power of this cocktail.