Saturday, May 16, 2009


Just now rolling into bed at Five thirty in the morning,slept in the truck all night.

Twenty four dollars for a fishing license, what the hell? There was a line too !

Fuck me, if some asshole calls me on the phone I would argue it to be justifiable homicide.



Twenty one bucks for a FRESH WATER license, three bucks to the outfit that ya get it from.
The mother fucker is TWO FEET LONG!

Then ya have to have a "Catch Card", so you can report what ya caught, if ya caught, where ya caught it, if ya caught it and even if ya didn't catch a damn thing, they passed another god damn law that they can fine ya ten bucks if ya don't send the fucking thing back to them at the end of the year! Their "year" is March to March! Fucking idiots. Ya want to go clam digging? That's extra, if ya want to catch craw dads, that's extra, if ya want to go fishing in the ocean, that's another twenty bucks, if ya want to go fishing in a boat on the Columbia river, ya have to have an operators license to use a fucking three horse out board, ya have to take a fucking class and that is another THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS!
I don't even want to go into the shit they have on the books if ya have a damn boat, that would cause me to have a stroke.
Just be aware, around here, you can get a DWI for operating a boat while intoxicated with a resulting penalty that is equal to, or harsher than, the same thing as drunk driving.
Oh yeah, it goes on your driving record too.

They shut down the season for Spring Steel Head because their estimate of return was way off, they shut down the season for Sturgeon, The God Damn rule book they publish is obsolete before it hits the fucking shelves and they change the rules, literally, every mother fucking day!
I subscribe to their website and on average, I get three to seven fucking rule change updates EVERY FUCKING DAY!
It is absolutely impossible, literally, to keep up with these Nanny Motherfuckers. OH YEAH, ANOTHER THING!
Ya have to have a fucking Parking Permit !!
Some piece of shit paper hanger to hang off yer fucking rear view mirror with yer DAMN License plate number on it! WTF? Just another way to ding yer ass for some money if ya don't have one, sonsabitches.
ANOTHER FIVE BUCKS if you need a duplicate because you have ANOTHER FUCKING CAR!!

No good dirty fucking cock suckers anyway.

No wonder I don't fish anymore!


  1. !@#$%!!!!

    24 bucks for a regular old fishing license?

    Geez what state you live in again Busted?

    That is steep...

  2. Let's see now...we can't afford to drink anymore or smoke anymore or eat good anymore...and now they want us to NOT be able to afford to fish anymore?

    WTF happened? Now I can't even afford to be poor anymore!

  3. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Be patient. Your oxygen use license will be available soon.

  4. Dude,

    That's cheap. This is what they
    cost in CA and there isn't any place to find freshwater fish around here except the water reservoirs, lol. I think the last time I had fish (sea bass) that I caught was 1984. Ceviche , mmmmmmm.

  5. Holy shit.

    It would be cheaper to eat out at Fish and chips joint.

  6. I know, and they clean and cook the fuckers for ya, and you can leave the smell in the restaurant, lol

  7. Ya know...I use ta bitch 'bout the DNR(Dept.of Natural Resources)here in 'Sconsin. Never again will I bitch 'bout them....well, until they get as bad as this.

  8. Fishies weren't biting worth shit on Conconully Lake in the Okanogan. Usually I can get my five in about an hour from Dad's boat but this year the wind was fierce and the fish had better things to do.

    Five of us fishing for six hours got eight fish. Eight lousy rainbows.

    Next year, I use dynamite.

  9. LOL! My dad jokingly refers to that option as using a "Dupont Spinner".

  10. 34 bucks here in Texas (and going up next year...) for license with saltwater stamp. Freshwater/trout stamps extra.... But at least we don't have all that other shit! Kids have to get boater education, but that's free online. Me, I got more hours of boat time under my belt than Captain Kidd, so I'm exempt. But between ridiculous bag limits (mostly from the fed pukes), fuel, tackle, bait, etc.... it is cheaper to eat out. That's fuckin' sad......