Monday, May 11, 2009

For The Regulars

Something a little mellow.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Loves me some Southern Rock.

    Loves me some Southern Alman Bros.

    GREAT catch . . . it's fine.

    But this aint' teh band.


    From teh Wiki:

    "The band was formed in Jacksonville, Florida on March 26, 1969, and consisted of Duane Allman (slide guitar and lead guitar), Gregg Allman (vocals, organ), Dickey Betts (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals), Berry Oakley (bass), Butch Trucks (drums) and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (Drums)."

    THAT was the Allman Band. And I saw them, once, post Duane, in '72, or '73 . . . . .

    They played the Cow Palace, Brisbane, CA, south of SF, north of San Mateo (where I lived).

    It was New Years Eve, and I saw Toy Caldwell with Marshall Tucker (only time) and Charlie Daniels Band (pre christian crazy shit).

    Three bands, only time I saw any of them.

    I call that luck . . . and man, it was FINE.

    Yeah, yer southern rock shit still moves it.

    But the originals? . . . they were insane, live.

    Sniff . . .

    Ewe kids . . . *cough* *sniff* *sigh* ;-)

  2. *fanning face* oh baby - the only cut better is g'mule the deep end - vol 1.

    thanks for the sweet tunage busted

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    That's the real deal . . .
    but somehow my morning coffee doesn't fit.

  4. Good stuff, brother Busted! Good stuff...

  5. Thanks man! When I got out of the service in 69, I got me a 49 Dodge panel truck, stuck a stovepipe thru the roof, and a 6 - 12 volt converter and a used 8 track player. Allmans was one of the tapes that went around with me...GOOD STUFF.

    Got my peas, potatoes, beets and carrots in this last week...

  6. Damn, that pulls some memories outta the attic!

    1977, driving out down to Wenatchee to get a part for my buddy's '47 International. Senior year, taking the ride in a Chevy Luv tiny truck with smoke billowing from every crack. ( wasn't exhaust!) Doug had a cassette that mostly worked but speakers that could rock the little beastie.

    We listened to 'Bros and Sisters', 'Natty Dread', and 'Eagles' over and over and over... Hell, I'm not sure if I ever made it home!

    Damn, I'm getting fucking old!

  7. That was just right. Thanky!