Friday, May 01, 2009

Piddle Fartin'

I am just dinkin' around tonight, looking for things to fix in the Weasel Den, a never ending source of entertainment.

Screw it, it's been a long week.

I am now dealing with the Trailer Park Queen.

Have a nice day bitch, there is a reason everyone here is afraid to knock on the fucking door.

I went and got some real live Andouille sausage fer dinner and seeings how I am in a mellow mood, have some KILLER Joe Cocker to help ya settle down for the coming weekend.

Who loves ya?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Percy Sledge loves ya, and loves Joe's version of his song. Killer toon, nice hit, hoss.

    Ummmmmm he said sausage, Andouille Sausage!

    Yer not half the mutt ya claim to be, ya know . . ;-)

  2. what larue said - great tune dood. what didja fix to go with that there sausage busted?

  3. I'll bet it was some vichyssoise, garbanzo and greek olives on a bed of arugula, and some beluga caviar and creme fraiche on a blintz, properly iced...Typical fancypants trailer park fare.



    DB, yer on it like Sugar Hill Gang on Apache. *G*

  5. Busted... I've noticed there is a Trailer Park Queen in every park.

  6. DB, take some canned and rinsed garbonzo's, and put some EVOO in a black pan.

    Add any garlic or roasted garlic, of any cut.

    Add onion, red or yellow or white, I don't phookin care WHICH one ya add, just get some ONYON in there, for devil's sake . . .

    Add the bonzo's, heat it up and add either yer fav curry paste (hot red) or some chicken base (or stock), and salsa . . . or cut tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and cumin . ..

    Blend the stuff, and scoop it up with hot pita brushed up with EVOO, or white corn tortillas, or crackers . . .

    Just eat it.


  7. Or... With that Andouille, you can heat up a can of red kidney beans in a bit of broth, then cook a pot of rice with the same broth (chicken is good, but I used ham juice). Add garlic, red pepper flakes, some thyme and lime to the rice when cooked, gently stir in the beans and add Frank's Red Hot Sauce to taste. Serve with corn bread and butter with hot chilies on the side.

    Good beer is required, no exceptions. Corona or Tecate' if you prefer but anything that has character. No Animal Beer!

  8. Evidently, there's a little trailer park chef in all of us.