Sunday, May 31, 2009

This One Is Fer DistributorCapNY

He has a regular thing he does about music from the Sixties.
On top of that, the guy is an AWESOME blogger, my hat is off to ya dude.

Here ya go pal, Paul Revere and the Raiders.
Note, this is a Northwest band, Mark Lindsey has a freaking restaurant in Portland and does some local radio still.
Also, some record assholes have been blocking this tune on YouTube left and right so enjoy it while ya can.

I have been laying around with a massive hangover all day, the wedding went off OK and I found my Uncles stash of Jamesons.
I do believe I owe him a new bottle because I fucking wrecked his.

Just because I am a nice guy, here is an instantly recognizable classic from some other Pacific Northwest performers, the Kingsman,

Now, because I am REALLY a nice guy, Paul Revere and the Raiders doing Louie Louie!


  1. Thanks for the tunes man, good stuff. Youtube is on it's way out if you ask me, too much shit going on over there. Someone will gladly take their place tho, no prob. Keep drinking man and you can outrun that hangover. That was always my excuse anyway. lol

  2. And I thought you was just a head banger, 'Nucks. Good tunes, homeboy!

  3. Three classics . . . although Revere and Lindsey were real top 40 back then they got a LOT of play. And Kicks is the first I know of, an anti drug song, of its time.

    The Kingsmen, they are legends . . . *G*