Wednesday, May 06, 2009

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

I has TUNEAGE!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how fucking awesome that is.

I am so sick of listening to the same damn tunes on the radio they have been playing since 1968 around here.

It makes a Metal Head like me crazy.
Nothing but talk shows in the morning or some crappy station stuck in the 70's.

Oh yeah baby!

My most excellent buddy Steve gave me a couple of car stereos he had laying around that have CD capabilities.

It took me quite a while to figure out how this Kenwood fucker operates but I am sitting here banging my fucking head to Disturbed as I type.

It looks like shit because there are are wires hanging all over because I had to do some experimenting to make it work but once I get some decent light and get a few things straightened out, I am on my way to turning this joint into my very own personal concert hall.

I took a subwoofer amp to work and had another good buddy show me how to hook that damn thing up and very soon the stereo wars will be on.

I am also going to pitch some POS 1980's little five inch door speakers out the door and get some serious shit going on in here.
I just happen to know where a donor is sitting right outside the door that has some brand new 6X9's in it and I still have the kick ass tower speakers sitting behind the fridge.
Not to mention a Fifteen inch subwoofer and a twelve incher to boot.

Take my word for it, I am so damn tickled to hear some decent music, I am going to turn the Weasel Den into one GIANT speaker.


My only real bitch is all this stereo stuff is clear the fuck on the other end of the trailer.
I will run some new wires right up here to the headboard and make it oh so convenient to rock out while laying in bed, like it should be, I haz the technology, the tools and the wires.
Just a matter of it quit raining like a mother fucker for a couple of days.

Just so ya know, I once had the cops called on me three times one night long ago because I had my stereo cranked during a party, it was so loud the neighbors two blocks away were bitching and I could smell the speaker wires getting hot.
The last time they showed up they had to kick the door open because no one could hear them banging on the door and they threatened to take me AND my stereo to jail.

Time for a new personal best.



  2. if the house is a'rocking don't bother knocking.

    dood, i am so forking glad i am retired (lmao)

  3. "Dear Sir:
    We ask that you hearby cease and desist from casting aspersions on The Most Glorious Decade Evar for music, The Seventies. (Except for the Sixties, that is.)
    Peace, love the one you're with and don't take the brown acid,
    The Seventies."

  4. Try It is a free music site, well you have to register but if they have ever emailed anything I can't remember. You can make your own radio station. Look at their areas or put in the name of an artist & ask for similiar. The site plays songs that you thumbs up/down. If you down that song will never be played again. With the free side you must thumbs up/down every so often or it will stop playing. It's nice because you can set your own stations to suit your mood or mix-n-match.

  5. OOOOO WAH AH AH AH! Rock on Busted, I'm "Down With The Sickness"....

  6. MOTHERFUCKING ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party at the Weasel Den!!!!