Monday, May 25, 2009

Grab Yer Ankles Before Ya Fire Off The Barbie

Just one more way the average Joe is getting screwed, the "Innovative Collaborator's" at those propane bottle exchange outfits are bending ya over and ya don't even know it,they are shorting ya a couple three gallons of propane, not telling ya, and charging ya the same price!

(Good on ya LA Times)

Last I heard, that was fraud.

Like it isn't bad enough they haven't dropped the price to begin with, in the last year.

I have a couple of those little bottles that ya use for the grill, what, five gallon jugs?
It costs me 13 bucks to fill one of them and I have three for this Fifth wheel and BarBque.
I go through at least one a week just for hot water , heating and minimal cooking and it isn't cold outside.
What I didn't, and most people don't know, Propane is a By Product!

"Where Does Propane Come From?"

"A unique feature of propane is that it is not produced for its own sake, but is a by-product of two other processes, natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Figure 1 shows a diagram of where propane comes from and how it gets to the consumer. "

Here is a VERY informational Website for anyone interested, it explains where it comes from and how the price is manipulated. Of course it is tied to Crude Oil, even though it is a By Product of Natural Gas extraction and Petroleum refining.
Basically, it is the stuff they used to burn off until someone figured out they could sell it.

This should be of intense interest to those of us who live in RV's, let alone the grilling public.

I kinda felt that I was being bent over when the price of gas went down by half and Propane didn't drop a nickel and I don't do the exchange thing.
I have a little outfit that refills my newer bottles that I had to buy after they passed a law making every single portable propane tank obsolete a few years ago.

I tried to keep the profanity down with this because this is a Public Service Announcement and I got the original link from SurvivalBlog.

They tend to be an upstanding community oriented Blog with Awesome advice and great links. and I want to give credit where it is due and not offend the Blog owners or anyone associated .

Just this once.


  1. " Just this once."well ok then lol

  2. Time to hit the burrito bar and start burning methane.

  3. Ain't it grand when ya find this stuff out? And the one and only time I ever did a propane exchange was to get rid of one of those "obsolete" bottles. Heh heh heh.....

  4. lol@ "just this once" well done Busted!
    Mayberry I did the same thing. I worked for U Haul back then and we sold propane. I can't tell you how many people I gave that same information to.

  5. Fucking 'ey, who knew?

  6. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Don't worry, the government will investigate this price anomaly and protect the little guy. When they design another new style tank valve in a few years to make yours obsolete again, they will investigate that too. They are all about "investigation". It provides jobs. For them.

  7. 18 smackers yesterday and it wasn't empty.

    unleaded 2.60 and rising