Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Done Hurt Myself, Again

It is absolutely gorgeous outside.


True to form, I got a big burst of energy and went hog wild out in the yard.

I cut, by hand, with a bow saw standing on a ladder, a complete truck load of branches.
Planted more shit in the garden, raked the path ways, picked weeds by hand,cut up the little tree that fell down a couple of weeks ago and just ate some dead chicken parts that I BBQ'd. I am tired, sore and soon to be sedated.

Come to find out, my narrow ass is hanging out, I have a pair of jeans that had a hole in them right over the back pocket on the right side, just a little one. I figured I would use them for working in the garden one more time and toss 'em.
About an hour and a half ago, I went to the dollar store to get some stuff, no big deal.
I got in line to check out and heard some snickering behind me from a couple of ladies.
I turned around and smiled at them and I could see they were doing all they could to keep from busting up out loud.



I turn back around to pay the bill and go to reach in my back pocket to get my wallet and grabbed a handful of my naked ass.

Gee,now I know what they were snickering at.
The whole right side of my jeans had ripped out right under my belt while I was doing the yard work and I was so fucking tired, I didn't even notice.
No wind today, no draft.

Ahhh, yes, I did my best not to blush like a new bride and yes, I wasted no time getting the hell out of there, yanking my Tee shirt down.

Ah well, have a nice day ladies.

Gave them something to talk about, anyways.


  1. Busted, you should have been at least slightly sedated before some of this chit started....What a day and what an "ending" LOL

  2. I guess that "All's well that "ENDS" well!

    Sorry, just couldn't resist!

  3. Where's yer wallet? LOL

  4. coulda been worse, busted. At least the ladies didn't say, "Whatever that is, it sure needs ironing!"

  5. lmfao - busted dood, i think those were the pants ya had on last time i was over - but there was still some denim on the ass. pocket was ripping tho.

    thanks for the chuckles and hope ya feel better soon (and i don't mean feel better asses).

  6. That ass is probably the talk of the town with fotos circulating on the internets. Lucky you Busted.

  7. And that's how you get stuff done. By not sweating the small stuff :)

  8. Yer gonna be the talk of the town, homeboy! Heh ...

  9. No breeze, lol!
    You keep us laughing, Busted.

  10. Damn, I know the feeling Busted, both workin' 'till ya drop, and flashin' the neighborhood. Heh heh, "wardrobe malfunction"....

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Thats happened to me in the past too, cheap a$$ Wally-World jeans made out of tissue denim. Pocket wasn't gone, but I had a cut from bottom of pocket to nearly my knee, have no idea why I felt nothing flapping or anything.

    Lol, funny $hit happens all the time, just gotta laugh it off.