Monday, May 04, 2009

Does Crazy Come In Blue?

I sure hope it does , it brings out the color of my eyes.

If you are of a mind, get ya a drink and a snack and watch what happens from here, even I don't know what is coming but I can guarantee it will be disjointed.

Let's start out with the Andouille sausage.
Many thanks for the ideas, I went with a variation of Taters Au Grautin.
Layers of sliced potatoes, some onion, sharp cheddar cheese , sausage in the middle.
My sister in law used to make this with Kilbausa.

Greasy as hell and a real comfort food.

Anyway, use a glass pan because there is major soaking and scraping at the end.

What next?
Oh, I was so proud of myself for getting some things done around here Saturday.
I put the fold up table back in, moved my refrigerator over and shoved the four drawer supposedly built in cabinet that I brought with me next to the sink so I would have a bit more counter space, another cutting board and some extra drawers.
All good, I did the dishes and filled the water tank, cleaned out a giant mouse nest next to the 12 volt water pump and generally had the joint looking like a human lives here.

All gone.
Now it looks like a mechanic lives here.
My bedroom is an absolute disaster.

My buddy gave me a couple of car stereo's with CD capability, I dumped out a box of miscellaneous screws, nuts, bolts, plumbing fixtures, clamps, extra light bulbs and who knows what the fuck else because I needed the box so I could fill it up with grub for my neighbor who is starting out with absolutely nothing.
Now all that crap is all over the couch I couldn't even see on Friday.

I went through and gave him some cookware, one of my favorite cast iron pans, I have more, a toaster and silverware, shit like that Saturday.
A bunch of things that I had for back up.
Spatulas, a can opener,pots and pans kind of thing.
He needs 'em and it was just extra that is now not in my way.

I drug him over tonight and loaded his ass up with basics, two trips with the canned goods, even some beer and smokes.
He is a great guy and I have been where he is many times.
He works where I do and is buying the fifth wheel from the neighbors that I was looking at, except they have him on an accelerated payment plan because they want to move out of state and the poor guy is busting his balls trying to do that but it leaves him broke every payday.
I ain't the only one helping him and we will damn sure make certain he has enough to live, even if we have to drag him around every night and day to make sure he has enough to eat.
In a couple of weeks he will be able to take care of himself.

That is what friends are for and I have sure as hell been there.



My cats crack my ass up.

I went and spent what I could on groceries tonight and had a weak moment and got the varmints a can of wet cat food.

I came home and dealt with the buddy and cracked open the can, yelled "Here Kitty Kitty" and it sounded like a train was going by, both of the little shits come a runnin'.
I was nice and split it in half and put it on paper plates for the ungrateful little shits.

I stepped back and cracked a beer and leaned on the fridge and just let them go at it.

Cats are exactly like small children when they think no one is watching.

Baby, the brat, would take a few bites and then sit back and watch the old woman eat and you could read that little shits mind.

"I dunno what she has but it has to be better than mine", then she would go back to eating.
The old woman would then repeat this behavior exactly.

Back and forth, one would take a few bites and the other would be looking hard at what the other one was eating.
It was all I could do to keep from cracking up because I knew exactly what was going to happen after one or the other finally had enough.

Sure as shit, Baby finally got tired of pushing her food across the plate and jumping across to push it back.

She moved two damned feet and started in with the Cat Bath crap.

I waited.

Sure enough, when she saw Baby was done,
the old woman snuck over and started eating the food she left, even though there was still a half a can on her own plate.

Kids, who'd have 'em?

That's enough of the fun I have been having.

Thanks for stopping by, I have about fifteen empty beer cans to get ready for the neighbor from this weekend.
Hey, I never left home and I haven't been in a bar in over a week.

Progress is sometimes hard to discern.


  1. Cats are strange creatures. They have a social structure of sorts, like wolves or humans, but they don't seem to want to have anything to do with being sociable a good deal of the time.

    I guess they're more like humans than wolves.

  2. Embrace minimalism.

    PACK RAT is wholly incongruous w/ tin tent living.

    Figure it out.

    A place for everything and everything in its place does NOT mean it's all under your roof.

  3. I need a fucking garage.

    And I come by being a packrat honestly, thank you.

    My Mechanic skills and the pack ratism I both inherited from my Grandfather, who grew up during the first depression.

    I been working on clearing out the little storage shed too so I can put the hardware and tools away,the back of The Beast has three toolboxes in it and I can't lock the canopy.
    It is right in front of the door and I have some people that watch everything that goes on around here like hawks because they don't have anything better to do.

    Like I said, sometimes progress is difficult to discern.
    Things are happening.

  4. had me laughing with this post ...the part about the cats!

    I think it's great that you are helping the neighbor get back on his feet! Many of us have been thers before and I know from experience that all help is appreciated!

  5. ...cheers,for helpin' yer buddy...we've all been there,these are the ties that bind...

    ...with all the crazy stories about cats i may have to get me a couple...strictly for entertainment purposes,i assure you...(last portion of comment meant for those who've seen my apocalyptic

  6. Some call it pack rat, I call it "master crapstacker", and I was raised by the best, over in Camas (class of '64). I see myself in some of your posts, my friend - EGG-ZACKLY!

    Here's a story you might like to read"

  7. Busted,

    What a sweet man you are. You must be the welcome wagon for the down and out. Lucky them to live in your neighborhood.

    I love to drop by every now and then to get my daily dose (of your kindness).

    Love ya,


  8. For all your gruff, you're such a nice guy. You know that, right? You are a great neighbor and friend.

  9. Way to take care of yer neighbor/co-worker.

    Yer likely savin his life.