Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ya gotta love 'em.
I really don't get that many but the ones I do are generally scolds.
Too much cussin' and I'm always pissed off.

What The Fuck, Ever.

I never understood the logic of going to someones site and bitching because you didn't like what was being said, repeatedly.
Get the fuck out, eh?
If I go somewhere on the internet and don't care for the content, I use my mouse and I click it and go somewhere else.
I don't feel the need to tell the author what a jerk I think they are.


Anyway, if ya stop by and ya find ya don't like what I have to say,


Fucking morons.



  1. Very Well Said. LOL, I love it.

  2. don't hold back busted - tell us how ya really feel dood

  3. say it so well! Love it.

  4. I have an alleged friend who emailed me yesterday to tell me that he and another old blog friend had decided that my blog sucks now that I've stopped writing about politics. I guess there was a point to sending that email, but I feel just like you do - okay, no one's forcing you to like it so shoo!

    I guess I do kind of like coming here for a dose of rage and cursing. You give voice to things I'd love to say, but can't for one reason or another.

  5. ...say it like ya feel it brother,the important ones will be back no matter what...troll season will start

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Trolls are fun bro. They go around and find the sleeping bear that is having that dream of eating a troll and they think it would be fun to hit it with a stick and see what happens. Gee willickers busted why can't you just live and let live and love everyone and sing kumbiyah. Golly busted you are soooo angry. Fuck me!!!! If you don't like the popcorn are you stupid enough to keep eating it? Is the burner hot or do you have to touch it over and over to find out. Morons always have me going back to the saying I know why lions eat there young.


  7. Hey Busted...
    What you're saying makes sense to me...some folks just can't help being in someone else's stuff, ya know?

  8. Love it!

    There's only about a gazillion blogs out there that won't upset their delicate sensibilities.

    Fuck the trolls.

  9. Like ya are going to click on a link to a Blog named "Ornery Bastard" and expect content like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and then bitch when it isn't there.

    How fucking stupid are some of these people?
    Nevermind, don't answer that.
    I go out of my way to keep from having to moderate comments, there is no word verification but give me a fucking break here !

  10. Hoss, old school ball players, and old school athelete's in general had a saying . . .

    Don't read yer own press . . .

    Yer doin fine, just shuck them all along . . .

    No worries, mate . . . don't read yer own press. ;-)

  11. ...Yawn...stretch...scratch, scratch, scratch...

    Who can I disagree with today? Hmmm,
    where can I display my delusional moral and intellectual superiority by way of my unique typographical skills?

    Where will I be fully appreciated?

    Oh yeah, Busted's place! Them wrenchy knuckle-dragging talentless hacks LUV me.


  12. That's right Busted. Same highway brought their raggedy asses in here can haul their raggedy asses right on out. Back when I had the old 60 acre hippie homestead out past way out in the hills, folks would find their way in there and THEN start flippin me shit about living like that. I'd tell 'em - SEE THAT FUCKING ROAD YOU CAME IN ON?

    WE loves ya, so joke 'em if they can't take a fuck, eh?

  13. You tell 'em, buddy! Heh ...