Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things That Make Ya Go HMMM,

Sitting here on my dead ass drinking beer and having a couple of shots, I noticed something strange as I flip through the Blogs.

I have one of those little nightstand lamps that comes on when ya touch it and gets brighter if ya keep touching it until it goes out again.

This little fucker is no end of cheap entertainment because I hit it flipping ashes into the ashtray all the time.

A new one on me, I need to clear off the nightstand, I have too many fucking empty beer cans sitting there, I reached over to grab my beer and pushed it into an empty beer can, which then connected to the lamp and the damn thing came on!

I am easily entertained I see.

In other news, I see Lindsay Graham is still trying to catapult the propaganda that TORTURE is just peachy fucking keen.

These stupid motherfuckers are going full tilt boogie trying to cover their asses.

Fuck you, water boarding is torture, even my favorite crazy ex- governor, Jesse "The Body" Ventura said so, and he is an ex Navy Seal and had it done to him during training.

Yes, I used to watch Portland Wrestling and yes , he is absolutely right because he had it done to him, personally.

None of this Right Wing horse shit that it ain't so bad.

Wake the fuck up and turn the fucking television off.
The Right Wing Crazy Sonsabitches OWN the television air waves, just ask Drifty, he is all over their asses.

If, you listen to, or pay one second of attention to, any type of Fox news, you are intentionally being lied to, being misinformed and are being fed Right Wing talking points that have almost no intellectual nutritious value, except to " Catapult The Propaganda ".

I have seen way too many screen shots of those lying snuntches trying to use a bit of sleight of hand when it comes to identifying political party identification while supposedly giving out news.

Mark Foley ring a bell

The FCC has their head up their asses and I still can't see tits on TV, no wonder I unplugged the fucking thing.

Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Maulkin, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannitty,
on and on and on, they are still trying to feed you a line of Bullshit that has been proven over and over again to be just that, Bull Shit.

Lying pole smokers with the only agenda of trying to get their version of eleventh century society made into law.

I have no idea why anyone with two connected brain cells would not be able to distinguish Bullshit Propaganda from real reporting and news but then again, my Granny is 95 years old and has a hard time getting to the bathroom , let alone figure out guys like O'Reilly are fucking idiots.
True fact, Bill O'Reilly used to be a Talking Head in Portland Oregon back in the day.
The rain must have rusted his brain into one giant Steel Wool kind of disaster when ya leave it out on the drainboard for too long.
Think I am kidding?
Good riddance dick head

Have a nice day, thanks for stopping by and you are still a fucking idiot if you watch Fox News, that would make you a Sheeple.

My condolences.


  1. We're in a shitpile up to our sholders with the dims raising it to our lower lip. This is brainwashing. Nothing from the FCC. Have Copps and Adelstien been silenced? These fuckers have known and know now not a damn thing is going to happen to them so they say whatever they want.

  2. Thanks for stopping by One Fly, been kinda wondering how ya are doing.
    I did see where ya did a round of golf.

  3. Yeah, I posted that Jesse Ventura vid to my blog too. Why is it that everybody who has actually undergone waterboarding has absolutely no, zero, hesitations about saying "It's torture"? Well, maybe because it is torture. Duh.

    Jesse kinda micro-blasted Obama for not prosecuting these evil sonuvabitches, but saved most of his ire for the Big Dick, Darth Cheney. Bastard. I never thought I'd live to see the day when the United States had its own torture gulag. Alas, I did.

    - Badtux the Tortuous Penguin

  4. "I’ll put it to you this way, you give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders."


  5. "Torture is the method of choice of the lazy, the stupid and the pseudo-tough."
    - Rear Admiral John D. Hutson (Ret. USN)

  6. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Want some cheap laugh? Leave some loose papers on the countertop where the cap jumping from nearby chair / couch lands on it and skids across the top. Lol! Did that this morning and the look the cat gave me totally cracked me up (You $hithead!)

    Cats are truly a love / hate relationship, they don't generally let you know you exist until you are hungry, then you are a long lost friend. But I like their independence.

  7. I really don't think you're gonna see any change in the MSM until people start really bitchin' through letters to the networks, or just plain boycotting. Fuks Nuz will never change, their idiot viewers believe everything those liars spew.

  8. You know damn well the're all just trying to cover their own asses and I'm talking about both sides of the isle. There wouldn't have been meetings about the use of torture if they didn't plan on using it. They wouldn't have had a very long meeting had sombody pointed out that it was illegal, immoral and doesn't work.
    They're just stalling so the statute of limitations runs out and they just get a slap on the wrist. Should that happen keep all this in mind on the next election cycle.

  9. On the FCC front, Adelstein is out soon, he's got another gig elsewhere. Copps, who I have loads of respect for, is temporary Chairman. McDowell is the lone Repub on the bench. Obama nominated Julius Genachowski as new Chairman but hasn't had a hearing yet...go figure.

    Goopers are holding it up to get Obama to nominate the last GOP position at the same time. A 'two-fer' deal. They hope to slip a wingnut in there with Genachowski, whose the real deal. He's worked with the FCC before as legal and special counsel. Don't know much about McDowell. They only get two votes this time, since we have home field advantage. This leaves one more Dem to replace Adelstein.

    Personally, I think Copps and Adelstein should get the Freedom Medal for the bullshit they've have to put up with these last few years.

  10. Thanks for that DA. I agree about the medal.

  11. Don't hold back Busted, tell us how ya really feel! ; ) Just tell me you don't believe Chicken Noodle News or the "major" networks (hey left nut! hey right nut! Who's the dick in the middle?!) either...... They're all liars!

  12. I was out countin' my little peapod and beets poking thru the soil - I come in the fucking house and read your ORNERY SHIT, and you ruin my fucking DAY. O'Reilly is from PORTLAND? FUCKED UP MY DAY, BRO!

    I heard some stoopid shit on C-span yakking about how our torture was doodly compared to SOME in other places. HOW MANY HAVE BEEN KILLED during our "easy schmeazy torture"? ONE IS TOO MANY.

    Alright, alright, you know yer welcome to stop by here at the beach place...