Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Open Letter To Liz Cheney And Every Other Torture Apologist

Torture is illegal, get that through your little fraidy cat minds, right now.

Do you know what really disgusts me about this picture?
Someone felt that it was obscene to show this mans genitals while he is being tortured and is bleeding all over the floor, see below for obscenity, this ain't a Safe For Work post.
That is one seriously messed up sense of modesty.
Our Media at it's best.


Torture is against the Geneva Conventions, crimes against humanity, that kind of thing, especially against the common sense of a decent Human Being, idiots.

Let me guess, the closest you have come to death is your Great Aunts funeral, who you didn't like anyway, and she was all dolled up for the viewing.

Wait, maybe you had to flush a Goldfish down the toilet or maybe dig a little hole big enough for a bird or a hamster, that travesty must be long gone.

I am betting that is as close to death as you have ever been, maybe some roadkill.

What you are trying to defend is indefensible.

What you are actually trying to do is keep your dad out of jail.

Have you ever had to stop the life process of any living being?

It kills your soul, unless you get fascinated by the process.
In that case, there is something seriously wrong with that fascination.

You are trying to defend torturing Human Beings, Ever killed a cat on purpose?
I have, several.
I ran into a litter of kittens that had been trapped inside a car for four days in 80 degree weather,no water, no food.
I would venture a guess that it got to be about a hundred and fifteen in there for three days straight..
I used a shovel.
The poor little varmints knew what was coming and refused to come out.
I feel like a certain Historical figure to this day, except I have a conscience.
They would not have survived, no matter what, so I put them out of their misery.
No playing around with electricity, no dogs in their face, just I'm sorry but you won't make it and I don't want to see you suffer.

I have never even been in the military, I can't begin to understand Death and Destruction like some friends have known.
You claim to know this?

Speaking of dogs, my ex girlfriend's mother gave an ancient Pomeranian to my daughter just before the old lady passed on, knowing we would take care of it.
I paid FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS a month to keep that old dog alive for quite a while, until I came downstairs one night and the entire laundry room was covered in blood coming out of his nose.

Have you ever had to go dig a hole knowing that you were going to break a little girls heart?

To this day, I feel bad because I held that old dog in my hand and had to shoot it twice, one didn't do it.

I am not even talking about people here, just pets.

Our government, with directions from your father, killed over NINETY human beings, using the methods you are trying to defend.

You are trying to protect your Father.

It is beyond discussion that Dick Cheney authorized Torture.

It is also beyond discussion that it was against the laws of this nation and the laws of many other nations .
You and all the rest of the torture apologists have just branded yourselves.

It is also beyond the realm of discussion that those other countries and our very own signed treaties many years ago forbidding these activities.

As we have all found out since this was brought to our national attention, your father thought he had some most excellent attorneys, after all, that is who he went to to try and justify the heinous activity that has been performed on Human Beings in the name of National Security, I suggest that he retain those same attorneys .They should be sitting right next to him anyway, as defendants.

Take my word for it, torture is the same as killing, without the mercy.

I know where Chicken comes from, Veal too.

Your trying to defend this is beyond ridiculous, it borders on being an accomplis after the crime.

The fact that every discredited NeoCon in existence is all over the television trying to argue in defense of this barbarity is proof enough that you all know what happened is a travesty of justice and you are all trying to cover each others posterior.

In no uncertain terms, even if the current Justice system allows these horrific acts to slide under the bar of prosecution, history has a very long memory and twenty twenty vision.


  1. Right on, Busted! Full agreement here, my man!

  2. Ya said it all. N Fuck 'em all.

  3. Right on, brother! I just wish that ol' bitch, Karma, would hustle a little and kick these pathetic colostomy bags masquerading as human beings towards some justice in the near future.

  4. Great post, pal.

    It's too bad that we can't force the Evil One and that bitch daughter of his read this and look at the pics.

    I'm sure the pics wouldn't bother the Evil One, he'd probably get a woody, but they might bother the bitch.

  5. ..."for every hundred men hacking at the branches of evil,there is but one cutting at the root"...

    ...this post put you as the one...


  6. Good job.
    Thank you.

  7. nader paul kucinich gravel6:29 PM

    Cheney Puppet Liz invokes the fake 911 talking point.

    Family sociopaths for profit.
    (Use your children?)

    Bulls on Parade ~

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    searched your blog.

    Not one search result on "beheading", "9/11" or "WTC" or "suicide bombing.

    Spare us your whining about Cheney. It's thanks to him and the brave men and women in our armed forces that let you blog on about moonshining and leaving home while there were no attacks in America after 9/11, while there were constant attacks on London, Madrid, Bali, and Israel.

    Too bad you didn't have as much outrage of 3000 killed on 9/11.

    PS - in anticipation of your foul-mouthed reply, know I wish I could piss on your head.

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      lol If you change the word 9/11 with bagdat and Cheney with Bin Laden and use same words such as revenge brave man etc , It is the same speach of that suicide bombers. The war or conflict between west and east didn't start with 9/11 check the history.U.S.A. lost 3000 innocent people Araps lost several 10 millions of innocent people . Isn't it enough for both side.Killing people , bombing only makes it worse. Araps needs to change but It is imposible to make it so with this way , I guess we can understand from whats happening U.S.A need to change policy of war too.Do you know how much money spent on war If goverment use half of that budget , what U.S.A. able to achieve : put a end of starving in africa , raise of diplomats peacemakers and educational investments 3th world countries . Than that bombing actions stops, more than attack that people love U.S.A. respect it more than you can expect.You cannot put a end with killing somebodys mother father and brother.Only difference between you and that bombers is: you called shit is blue ,they called yellow . Damn it can't you see color doesn't matter ,answer is simple this is shit.Killing people no matter of what , is wrong...It is whole other thing that Defending torture and calling yourself human , is just absurd...

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  10. Umm yeah about that.
    "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike U.S." ring a bell?
    That shit is on Bushes shoulders too for ignoring the warnings so yeah, you can shut the fuck up now.

  11. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Torture is cool. Wish I could give some to Obama. And, Liz Cheney is hot.

  12. Anonymous5:28 PM

    We are all aware these things are there. Doesnt make sence to exploit them any more then they already are! And when people are out to kill you or there people torture you or comrads i see no problem with it!