Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lazy Finger

Dammit, when I get real tired or drunk, STFU, my middle finger on my right hand tends to right click every five seconds, makes for a pain in the ass with the little menus that pop up all the time.

In other news, I just had to tear the ass off of some stupid fuck in an editorial from a town that I hate with a passion that I used to live in.

The school where my little girl went to had some extraordinary benefactors who guaranteed a bit of college money if they graduated High School and some stupid fuck wrote in decrying socialism.

His ass is going to be smoking the day after tomorrow.

Ignorant fuck head.By the way, public forum, no cussing allowed, his ass is still going to bleed if they publish my response.
DO NOT, Fuck with my childrens.
The Tasmanian devil crossed with a porcupine and breathing fire comes close.

One more thing before I fall down,
Jill @ Brilliant At Breakfast has been so damn nice to me., seriously.
Thank you honey, for the link love, I see the FCC was by here from your place.


Love ya honey!

I see my friend One Fly is under the weather, he is a hard working guy, go give him some get well wishes! It better not be that Bacon Flu, I really like Dead Pig parts.

He is truly a friend,a great guy.
Get Well Soon Buddy.


  1. busted, i forking hate it when i have a crampy right hand from using the mouse.

    guess i should not be thinking of sending this to one fly for a get well?

  2. suze, that would be a "meaty" message! A whole new meaning to beef jerky ...

  3. Some guy offers money for kids to go to college if they graduate HS and some fuckin' moron is calling it socialism!?!?

    Fuckhead needs to be beat to within an inch of his life with a dictionary! Maybe then he'll understand what "socialism" is. The ass-wipe must be some fuckin' Rethuglican.

  4. " The Tasmanian devil crossed with a porcupine and breathing fire comes close.":) I love it!!!