Monday, May 18, 2009

Ain't I Just Tickled.

What the fuck?

I been getting the damn Trolls lately, any body who has a fucking Blog should know what the fuck I am talking about.

Apparently because I tend to speak my mind and stick a Frog Gig up a Republican Ass every chance I get, I tend to get some Government visitors.
Have a nice day.

On the other hand, once in a while I get a Dot Mil hit,
You put up with shit that would kill an average human being every fucking day.

I have a huge respect for what you do.

That being said, I do not always agree with your political view, that is my right, I really think that most all of you should be sitting in a restaurant, drinking cold beers with your family units, you should be raising yer childrens and I think that the reason any one of you are trying to survive every fucking day in the Middle East is a damn good reason to point out there was some lying sonsabitches with some seriously fucked up political agenda's that put ya there under false pretenses and have fucked you over repeatedly since ya been there, in the Big sandbox.

I'm just saying, if you are in the military and are Grunt, I got yer back.

From what I hear, the best and the brightest and the most fierce warriors we have from this country have not only been given polluted water to drink, you have not been given ANY and have had to resort to "Liberate" any within reach.

Kudos to ya.
Take every drop ya can get.

We spend Billions of dollars every fucking year to make sure our military is the best in the world and some stupid cocksucker can't make sure the best and the brightest have enough clean water to drink on any given day?

Excuse the fuck out of me?

Not to mention these outstanding individuals have to worry about getting electrocuted in the MOTHER FUCKING SHOWER?!!

Dude, If I was one of these low life mother fuckers who couldn't wire up a goddamn light fixture in a fucking shower, I would be looking to get the fuck out of Dodge when some guy who had been on duty in a Hundred And Twenty Degree Weather, Drinking Contaminated Water, Came In To Take A Fucking Shower, got electrocuted because you didn't know what the fuck you were doing and died.

I would be seriously concerned that one of his buddies might just figure out who the ignorant fucker was that did that wiring job and just might have a night scope.

Rightfully so, in my mind.

The POS Body Armor?

The POS Vehicle armor?

The cocksuckers from Blackwater?

Walter Reed?

The fucking brain trauma victims that are off the scale?

PTSD run amok with absolutely no intention of any treatment?

Generals who bow down to political pressure is nothing new but the absolute fucking back stabbing of some of our most brilliant and long serving military strategists because they told the truth and were replaced by political suck ups?

I want to fucking puke.

The current political solution to the giant cluster fuck of the Bush administration is equal to buying a bigger shovel because the hole you are in is getting too big.

The military strategy to increase troops in Afghanistan is equivalent to buying bigger tires for a truck that is spinning it's tires when the mud is coming through the windows, anyone in their right mind and paying attention knows what happens when you try to go half way around the planet to fuck with Afghanistan.
Jesus Christ, Russia was right next door and got their asses handed to them, it's all about logistics.

Pakistan is a GIANT clusterfuck right now, I can't wait for some ignorant fuck Republican to call for nuclear bombs to be dropped on both countries at the same time.
Sorry, you patriotic mens and womens, you signed up and we signed off,

Ignorant fucks that cry because the President got invited to give a graduation speech are also the ones who do all in their power to make sure you have the latest Rush Limbaugh show available to you but could give a fuck if ya have clean water.
This shit has been going on for THREE YEARS that I know of.

Yeah I can easily say Fuck Them because I personally don't give a fuck about an announcement address but I would really like to make sure you guys and gals had some decent fucking water to drink.

So what do we do?
We move in the most wicked bad assed general we have.

Never mind he is still suspected of being behind a bunch of Black site torture facilities in Iraq and is still under investigation for the abuses at Abu Graib, naw, he is the the guy we want to lead us to victory in the one place that armies go to die, history does repeat itself.

Y'all in the military have my respect, you have a thankless job and some questionable leadership, some seriously fucked up support, no doubt. The motherfuckers not giving you clean water, safe showers, safe food and you and me are paying BILLIONS of dollars for this? Remember those bastards.


  1. Hell, I guess we are too, then. *G*

    Is it impolite to talk about WHERE, or WHY, we is tickled? Or you are?

    Usually, for us mens, it involves a woman.


    I'm not goin all hetero here, just within my context.

    Others, can be tickeld in places and by means, I can't. They get tickled, too . . . das kewl.

    You and your tickles, I spose, are none of our business, Busted . . . lolololol

    But hey, YOU started this thread . . . and I'm tickled to reply . . *G*

  2. There ya go pissing people off with reality once again.

  3. Thanks, Busted.

    Your eloquence is legendary.

    I'm quoting you.

    Cause you say what I think, but can't exactly figure out how to phrase diplomatically.

    As if.

    Love ya,


  4. Once again a great rant, Busted.

    I, too, have been getting trolls of late. They don't seem to realize that ALL bloggers have the right to free speech, not just the right-wingnuts.

  5. Other than a guy who seems to think it's his duty to point out that he thinks Nancy Pelosi is lying, I don't seem to be getting these visits yet. Guess I'm still under the radar.

    Can't be because I'm too polite...

  6. It'd be interesting to know JUST WHAT Driftglass' spamcatcher is made of, wouldn't it? Seems to work. I don't get em, but then I don't get much over at my blogs. Pretty calm with the occasional call to write to yer senators or reps.

    Too bad the army peoples got to serve with fuckin felons and goddamned convicted gang-bangers now, besides STILL getting stop-lossed. So far looks like Obama talks pretty, but afraid to STAND and SHOUT.

  7. a true William Saroyan in our midst

    i couldnt have said it any better