Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty (Updated)

Bring it on.

It's late, it's my birthday, I have been out and about and now I having a bit of trouble with this fucking computer loading up and freezing.

I am going to finish the evening off and come back to this tomorrow. This is the post to link to for Blogroll Amnesty Day.

Bring 'em on.


OK, I am still having some issues with this antique POS laptop but I am going to throw up some
links from from my Blogroll of some sites I enjoy .
Check 'em out if ya haven't already run into 'em!

Our Rants and Raves





And of course, Daddy Skippy and Jon Swift.

One more for a bonus,

Walk Of The Fallen.


  1. happy birthday
    freeze and all

  2. A belated happy B'day.

    Didn't you get the late memo? Bush revoked any amnesty for everyone but himself and Cheney just as he was leaving.

  3. Happy Birthday, Busted! I'll toast you with my wine this evening,

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Well, Happy Birthday (belatedly) and thanks for the mention. Birthdays...a perfect excuse for a good tall cold drink. And a better excuse to tell someone else to have a tall cool drink, too....sometimes even a tall cool glass of stfu (as the case may be!)
    But we want you to go on ranting and raving fervidly----so stoke them fires!!

  5. Happy birthday a little late! I hope you had a rip roarin' day!

  6. Tanks for the linkage, BK. I got the B.A.D. love all over my blog now.

    Happy Hatchday to you!

    have your buddies given up any stories of drunken acts of courage or such?

    Beware any sentence that begins: "Dude, it was so funny! You were so drunk that..."