Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking A Break

I'm at Nasty Girls, watching movies.

I have been kind of keeping an eye on the shit storm going on in the Middle East but not real close.

That is some fucked up shit and that nasty little trick of shutting off the internet pissed off a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with the protests.

Smooth move, fuck heads, now ya pissed off everyone.

Pay attention to what is going on over there and remember, they don't even have a Second Amendment. Of course, they don't really need it.
They can buy everything from an AK 47 to a fucking rocket launcher if they have the dough.

Entire governments are getting their asses handed to them.
It is not without blood shed and violence but it is not anything near what it could be.


  1. They can buy everything from an AK 47 to a fucking rocket launcher if they have the dough.

    That's a big part of the problem. The reg'lar folks'd like to have enough dough to buy bread.

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations

    WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad’s own cyber-warfare activities.

    Wikileaks claims to have decrypted video footage of a U.S. Predator air strike on civilians in Afghanistan and that covert U.S. State Department agents followed Wikileaks’s editor from Iceland to Norway in a surveillance operation conducted jointly by the United States and Iceland. Iceland’s financially-strapped government recently announced a policy of becoming a haven for websites that fear political oppression and censorship in their home countries. However, in the case of Wikileaks, countries like China and Thailand are suspicious of the websites’ actual “ownership.”
    Wikileaks says it intends to show its video at an April 5 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC but that its presenters may be detained or arrested before that time. WMR’s sources believe the Wikileaks “militancy” in the face of supposed surveillance appears fake.

    Our Asian intelligence sources report the following: “Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself. Its [Wikileaks'] activities in Iceland are totally suspect.” Wikileaks claims it is the victim of a new COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] operation directed by the Pentagon and various U.S. intelligence agencies. WMR’s sources believe that it is Wikileaks that is part and parcel of a cyber-COINTELPRO campaign, such as that proposed by President Obama’s “information czar,” Dr. Cass Sunstein.

  3. Anon is so full of shit my eyes are brown.

    A pure hired and paid for piece of shit for it's perspective . . .

    What a wasted bunch of white space on Busted's place . . .


  4. I have to suggest that after doing some googling research, the thrust of this shit is coming from Wayne Madsen's WMR. No real sourcing, just stuff he posted, copied out at other sources . . . you don't see Juan Cole, Gareth Porter, Pepe Escobar, Tom Engelhardt, or much of any persons olf note alluding to Madsen at any time in the past 5 years that I know of.

    Along with Alex Jones, credibility is NOT a word I'd use to describe either's work.

    Sorry if I called it a bit nasty . . . Sat nite whiskey go to me. *G*