Monday, January 24, 2011


Sweet Jesus, I have a love hate relationship with computers.

After bringing this one back to life and all the bullshit I have dealt with the last 24 hours, my mind is just that little bit more fried than it was yesterday.

For the life of me, I could not figure out why the thing looked like it was in safe Mode.
You know, everything is grainy looking, the colors are all fucked up and pictures are almost so pixelated and fucked up you can't even recognize what the hell you are looking at kind of shit.

I have just spent HOURS trying to fix that.  Google this, Google that, Try "Help", try tools, fuck around and fuck around until I finally had a thought.

Sure as shit too.

Don't ask me how, I could not tell you why either.

Somehow, this fucker decided to go back to a basic 8 bit color scheme for the monitor, instead of the 32 bit.

Bingo, problem solved.

After six beers and a trip to the store for more smokes at four fucking thirty in the morning.

Ain't modern technology wonderful?

Great, now the batteries in my mouse are dying.



Double plus goodness and bonus rounds, I see every time I shut this fucking thing down and restart it, I get to go back in and change the color setting.

Dirty. fucking. son. of. a. bitch!

I did manage to stay awake long enough to go get some fucking batteries though, one less irritant.


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    -feel Your pain,Sir
    -was a disgruntled user of ms as well as apple
    - then gave linux a shot...that was 8 yrs ago& every day look forward to booting up...there's no chkdisk or defrag or dll hell or malware or registry corruption or snotty cryptic messages or BSDs...
    Just pedal to the metal with a silly grin all the way.
    No speed limit with linux.

  2. Batteries in a mouse?????


    Yer kidding right?

    I never heard that one . . .

    You really that bored to feed us this jive?


  3. What, ya never heard of a wireless mouse, Mr. Advanced technology?

    Got ya there pal.