Monday, January 24, 2011

Rat Bastard Ruled Ineligible To Run


This made my fucking day!

That skeezeball Rahm Emmanuel has been found to be ineligible to run for Mayor of Chicago because he hasn't lived there for at least a year.,


Fucking bastard.

The people of Chicago have one less crooked politician to choose from.

Hey Rahm?

Fuck you very much, from a member of the Professional Left.



  1. As long as that [unflattering adjective] [insulting noun] doesn't head back to the White House, we're all good!

  2. Oh I fully expect this cockroach will find some way of "persuading" the IL "supreme" court of his "eligibility". Those crooked assholes always seem to find a way. Bribery, blackmail, or outright threats. One way or another, he will weasel his way in...

  3. Does that mean he could be tried for voter fraud? As I understand it, he voted in Chicago.

  4. You speak for me, Busted.

    And so eloquently!

    I still can't believe the news and think, like the feelers and trial balloons put out on Faux snooze, that the other shoe will soon drop as they have more than enough video on just about everyone in govt. to get any decisions they wish.

    Good luck to US and to Chicago.

    Love you,


  5. Anonymous8:26 PM

    My heart breaks for the tiny traitorous ballerina. Boo hoo, little Rahm. Time to get back on Soetoro's lap and stop pretending you're anything more than a comically cheap thug.

  6. Yeah, this is just temporary he's got a fix in with local folks who support him and govern this type of regulations, see FDL for same.

    But I gotta admit, any and every single thing that turns that rat fucking (my apology to rat fuckers everywhere for the slight) motherfucker (same apology) into a piece of shit (see apology) is good for me.

    Asshole (see apology).


  7. Fuck him and the snake he crawled in under.

    Weasel sonofabitch.

  8. Like him or don't, and most of us don't, I predict he will be on the ballot and perhaps be the next Mayor of Chicago.