Monday, January 10, 2011

They Own It, They Know It

Two days I have been watching the back tracking after several people were killed, including a nine year old little girl. She was taken to this open political gathering by her neighbors. They are going to be gut shot the rest of their lives, trying to take a young lady to an open political discussion and then some crazy fucking bastard went all trigger happy and shot nineteen fucking people. The main target, the Congress Lady got shot in the head at point blank range, the bullet went clear through her brain and she is still alive.

I have been watching the back tracking from these right wing sites who have been calling for an armed response to what they consider to be a liberal take over of the government.

Back track all ya want cocksuckers, the internet doesn't forget and the evidence is there for your perusal. All fucking day long.

It weren't me doesn't cut it you assholes.
I have been watching the rhetoric ratchet up for over a year now, and here is what you wanted, even as you deny it.

Politics by it's definition is supposed to be a civilized way to settle differences.

Apparently that isn't good enough anymore and bullets count up quicker than votes.
I have seen many calls for another Civil War in the last year and you ignorant cocksuckers have seemed to have found a tipping point.

All of a sudden it got real quiet over there when real people and kids got killed.

Now it's all about this one guy, kinda like the one guy who flew an airplane into an IRS office.

Don't even try to deny what I have witnessed in the last year, you can find it yourselves.

Throwing bricks through windows, yeah, I am looking at you Vanderbough.

This shit has nasty consequences.

Now you see them first hand.

The only aspect of the consequences you and Beck, Palin, O'Rielly and Rush Fucking Limbaugh don't seem to get is that there will be a push back,now we have some pussified fucking politicians trying to pass new fucking laws. Sure, now they are scared, ya hurt one of their own.


 Trying to blame this on Left Wing Liberals also does much to discredit you fucking morons.

I dare you to show me one motherfucking instance when a Left Wing Liberal either blew some shit up or shot some ignorant fuck. The comments are open, I want one fucking example.

Environmentalist extremists don't count.


  1. I agree with your post in general. But I wouldn't get out there too far. There have been plenty of "left" shooter-bombers.

    Problem is that when you get out there that far, you don't usually line up perfectly with the beliefs of either the right or left. Mostly because our current right and left have picked up various causes more out of convenience than coherent ideology.

    The Unibomber, Ted Kaczynski, makes an excellent example. An anti-establishment, anti-business, anti-modernism philosophy tend to allie him with the anarchist-left. But the desire to go back to pristine earlier time could also be viewed as conservative as well. This would include all of your various tree spikers as well.

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    The first thing I heard about this was a post on a board, someone saying the "libs" are going to make this political. Let's see, The Alaskan Cunt has Giffords on her "cross hairs" list, the tea party has been openly bringing guns to political events, "don't back down, reload", the spokespeople for the right have been broadcasting hate and inciting violence, and it's the liberals that are going to make it political?

    If this powder keg blows, I hope all these jackasses remember their rhetoric when someone they love is caught in the crossfire. If they lead starts flying, it won't only be he hated "liberals" who get hurt.

    This is so much like Germany in the 1930's it is spooky. Liberals, the new Jew.

  3. The Environmental moveent doesn't really count as liberal. They would be better classified into the religious movement which has a pronounced desire to be on the right.

    I question whether this is as serious a move as people claim. Time will tell, but, right now, this is a one off, kinda like school shootings. A tragedy, but soon forgotten by everyone but the families.

    What this will probably do is send the politicians back to the safety of Washington, where they will become increasingly alienated from the people and increasingly swayed by special interests.

    Just another step in the journey.

  4. One example, huh?

    "Parker "tweets" that she and Loughner were in the band together and were friends until 2007 when he became "reclusive" after getting alcohol poisoning and dropping out of college.

    She describes him as "quite liberal" and as a "political radical." And she is not the only one describing the monster as leftist.

    There you go. None other than Jared Loughner, the Tucson murderer.

    You guys blaming the Tea Party and Palin have other agendas in mind.

    You want to know who is responsible for this tragedy. Jared Loughner, that's who. No one else. Not Sarah Palin, not the Tea Party, not Obama, not Daily Kos.

  5. Busted,

    You need to crawl out of the bottle, the juice has pickled your brain.

  6. Anonymous5:34 AM

    ppl, do you really think an actual liberal would "take out" someone on sarah palin's hit list? even if it was someone we wanted gone, we would leave him/her alive just to spite sarah.

  7. I do agree that violent rhetoric leads to violence, not everywhere and not all the time. However, right here:

    you advocate that "someone's mama needs and ass beating."

    Now, you can say you didn't mean it like THAT, you weren't serious, or that's just the way I talk, that's the way I express myself, or any other thing you can think of to justify your speech habits.

    The fact remains you and Sarah Palin are doing the same thing, neither of which I tolerate in my personal life or from others. And, I am not hiding behind 'anonymous.'Will you let the post stay on your blog?

    I don't believe that you would approve of anyone beating their mama or anyone else's mama. But, think about what you say, strong words to make your point. Now, let me say that I am definitely NOT a Sarah Palin fan.

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    As soon as this happened,I turned to my wife and said,' I bet he has a house full of glenn beck and sean hannity books",.I five rush a bit of credit,as he isn't as violent in his retoric as the other's,but he is more concerned with his advertisers to cross that line.Good for business!! I knew nobody was going to come out with the right wing slant right away,but I was thrilled to see the sheriff go for it! To be honest,I still don't know if he's an R or a D,I assume a dem,but someone had to go there. I'm waiting to hear the spin rush and sean have today!
    Dean in az

  9. There have been plenty of leftie shootings and bombings, but you have to go back a long way to find them.

    This one was all right-wing. Period.

  10. Anonymous1:59 PM

    You are all as much as a nut job as he is, you just haven't reached your trigger point yet.

  11. Anonymous2:14 PM

    This asshole had copies of "mein kampf" and the communist manifesto, sounds like a true conservative to me. He was a straight up nut job and you want to blame right wing radio and tv. Really, Ornery? I know you are a far left-wing libtard but can you really be that fucking stupid. As for an instance of left wing nut jobs, the douche bag that shot up the florida school board meeting was a far left wing asshole to.

  12. Busted... we all knew this was going to happen. How could it not with all the hate being spewed 24/7 into the mediasphere by conservatives who have nothing but hate and conflict to sell?

    We in the reality based community knew it would happen. Now it has and what is going to be done about it? How about a return to the fairness doctrine? They can spew all they want as long as someone gets equal time to de-spew all the bullshit. They are very afraid of the truth because they know they haven't got a legislative leg to stand on for benefiting the middle class. So they appeal to the lizard brain Fox Newsican - least informed most entertained consumer in the world.

    Jim Yeager at Skippy's has decided to cut loose all his conservative, Foxnewsican friends, me too. It means I will be fishing alone this spring but you know... it's hard to be with people who are diametrically opposed to your way of thinking and condone or deny that their rhetoric has anything to do with Tuscon. Done. With. Them.

    They always needed me to catch fish so back to the bass pond for you FUCKING LOSERS. Oh, sorry... I just felt a little of what it means to defend my country from fascist insurrectiuon from Fox News and Right Wing Ideology.

  13. Dear Brave Anonymous,

    I'm entitled to my opinion just like you are. We're not allowed to shoot each other.

  14. "Environmentalist extremists don't count"

    Well fuck, ya done eliminated all of 'em then!

    I don't buy that fucking bullshit, "Rush made me do it". My ass, this guy was just a fucking nutball. For Christ's sake, they said his favorite fucking book was "Mein Kampf".

    And Glenn Beck bawls like the pussy he is, begging for no violence.

    This fucktard was off his rocker. He killed a little girl. The CONgress cockroach and the "judge" I ain't as concerned about, though he shouldn't have killed them. Fuck, nobody should kill ANYBODY. But to blame this on the talking heads is pure fucking bullshit. I got three words for ya:


  15. Hey Mayberry, I got three words for you... Go fuck yourself.

    Now, tell the hatemongers Rush, Glenn, Sean, Palin et. al. Be Fucking Responsible with your HATE SPEECH. How can you not see the correlation? 24/7 demonization of the Democratic Party with anyone in conflict outlined in crosshairs. It's Fucking Insane to think that this hate, shoot 'em all, kill the bill talk does not have an effect on people. You need to get a grip on your winger shooters. Fuck you and your hate.

  16. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates John F. Kennedy

  17. Anonymous6:00 PM

  18. Get a fucking grip Greenday. The left spews just as much bullshit. The whole fucking point is you're not supposed to be fucking dumb enough to swallow it, from either end. I suppose you're one of those fucktards that wants to silence anyone who doesn't agree with you 100%. YOU go fuck yourself...

  19. Sorry Busted... did it again... can't help but meet assholes head on and get shit all over me every time. won't do it again... 'till next time.

  20. What the fuck are you afraid of dude?

    Bring it.

  21. Nasty Girl12:04 AM

    I agree with mayberry. The guy was just a fucking nutjob. It wasn't anyone's fault but his own. It wasn't the lefts fault and it certainly wasn't the rights. I listen to the rantings of the left all the time but you don't see me out there shooting anyone.

  22. Remind me to think again about that cast iron pan.

  23. "I listen to the rantings of the left all the time..."

    Who on the left calls for "2nd Amendment remedies"? Who on the left says, "don't retreat, reload"? Who on the left says "I want my country armed and dangerous"?

  24. For those of you on the "left" who have the guts to visit some "right-wing" sites, just go see these two posts and then tell me there is no "hate" on the left. (I don't know how to link on this comment page so you may have to cut and paste the address.)

    I think after viewing those peaceful leftists in those pictures you may want to give the right-wing hatemonger thing a rest.

    By the Ornery Bastard, I think you are extremely mistaken on this issue, but at least you let everyone say it like they want.

  25. jjmurphy:

    In the examples provided by Malkin and Atlas Shrugs, I didn't see any congress members, candidates for congress, ex-governors or radio/TV personalities. I only saw private individuals and a couple past-their-prime celebrities. No one is suggesting that there aren't whack jobs on the Left. But you don't see Democratic congress members saying "I want my country armed and dangerous" the way Michele Bachmann has. And you don't see any Democratic ex-(half-term)governors saying "don't retreat, reload" the way Sarah Palin did. And you don't see any Democratic candidates for Congress recommending "2nd Amdendment remedies" the way Sharron Angle did. When there's hate rhetoric on the Left, it comes from fringe characters with no direct connection to mainstream politicians. When there's hate rhetoric on the Right, it comes from mainstream political figures and candidates for political office and from radio/TV personalities AND from past-their-prime celebrities (Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, Jon Voight) AND private citizens. On the day of the Tucson shooting, there were shitloads of comments on the Fox "News" website saying things like "too bad it wasn't Obama" and "it's about time. Consider this a warning shot."

    Andrew Poplawski, the Pennsylvania man who shot it out with cops because he thought Obama was going to take his guns away got that notion from the NRA's website. Byron Williams, the Oakland man who shot it out with cops on his way to assassinate employees of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU told cops he got that idea from listening to Glenn Beck.

    So the hate rhetoric on the Right is spread top to bottom throughout the "movement." Malkin's and Shugs' and Beck's (etc.) desperation to establish this false equivalency only makes that point more obvious.

  26. Big Daddy - We apparently look at the same things and see something completely different. I hear Bachmann or Palin say those things and I think or freedom and individualism AND personal responsibility. You see hate speech.

    I look at the Malkin and Atlas posts and see the seething hatred from the left. Leftists who advocate direct violence against anyone who disagrees with them and want their willing accomplices in the press AND Congress to advocate and pass laws stripping me of my inalienable rights. You see individuals just protesting innocently.

    I will never understand you and you will never understand me.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit those sites. Most wouldn't take the time.

  27. "I will never understand you and you will never understand me."

    No, I think I understand you all right.

    Sharron Angle: "And you know, I'm hoping that we're not getting to Second Amendment remedies. I hope the vote will be the cure for the Harry Reid problems."

    So what she's saying is "if I lose the election, then we should assassinate my opponent."

    If you see this irresponsible hate talk as "personal responsibility," then your wires are as crossed as Loughner's.

  28. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Dude you can't leave out the environmental terrorists because wrong is wrong. This is a black and white thing and you can't bring gray. You cannot spew hate on a national platform and not expect some irrational response considering the number of people your reaching. Liberals for the most part are pacifists that believe that civil discourse is a good thing and that agreeing to disagree is possible. Here's the rub righties. In history this has been tried a couple of times with sour results to your ideology. I know it's fun to pick on the pussies on the left they won't do anything there cowards, they'll back down. Don't believe everything that gets put in front of you by the MSM or the blogisphere. That pussy on you left just might have teeth behind his smile and just because he's smiling doesn't mean he doesn't know how to bite.


  29. Big Daddy,

    "If you see this irresponsible hate talk as "personal responsibility," then your wires are as crossed as Loughner's."

    You just lost all credibility in my book. Pathetic.

  30. jjmurphy,

    Credibility? In your book? Is that the same book that's engaging in this desperate attempt at false equivalency?

    I'll modify Busted's challenge:

    I dare you to show me one motherfucking instance when a Democratic politician called for "2nd Amendment remedies" if they didn't win an election. I want one fucking example. One.

    And while you're at it, show me the lefty version of this list:

    Sure, there are a few lefties wearing "Sarah Palin is a cunt" t-shirts, but you know what? Sarah Palin IS a cunt. And, yeah, there are a few mohawked malcontents breaking shop windows, but how many have died at the hands of lefties?

  31. Nasty Girl1:23 PM

    I can't believe that you people keep playing this blame game. It's the rights fault, it's the lefts fault. You sound like a bunch of six yesr olds. Grow up! It's no more anyone elses fault than it is some rock and roll bands fault that some kid killed himself. If the guy heard or read something that caused him to go out and shoot people, then he was just a mental case and needed help to begin with. It doesn't natter if he was left or right, what he heard or read or what side it came from. We can't go through life watching what we say because some whackjob might take it literally and go do something stupid. I can't believe you have nothing better to do than search the internet for proof that it's the lefts fault or the rights fault. It's the guys fault and his alone. Get a life!

  32. But Mommy! He started it - he hit me back! WAAAAAH!;)

  33. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I will give you 100 million....

    Enough for you???