Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guess Who Blinked First

Thay's right, smooth talker, you be playing with fire at this point in history if you think fucking with Social Security is a good thing.

Someone finally convinced you to quit listening to those country raping bastards long enough to see what would be coming down the pike if you had.

We all know SS has absolutely nothing to do with the budget and in fact, would have a giant surplus if the politicians hadn't been able to steal buttloads of money from it in the past.

Look elsewhere young man, for your magic unicorn feed to fix the fucked up economy, this place be full of danger for you.


  1. Sunfighter/Gunfighter8:35 AM

    When I heard Bitch McConnel called SS an unfunded liability, I threw several dozen expletive deletives at my TV set. As you said, the pol pukes been rob the fund blind for years.

    The young think us old fucks are a push over or something. Let them fuck with something we paid into for years and watch TSHTF !!! These young punks and other dumb fucks ain't seen shit yet.

    My generation didn't talk smack, we kicked ass and took names...

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM


    Follow the light...

  3. Well said Busted.

    And I guess if SS has to be trimmed, then these younuns are PREPARED to buy all their bling with their fat retirement and savings accounts. Yeah, right.

  4. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I say all you old farts get back exactly what you paid in.

  5. I don't know about anyone else but I have been paying into that for thirty years, that would be a serious chunk of walking around money there Mr. Smart Guy.

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Straw man argument. Social security is sitting on 2 trillion in assets and getting more everyday. Part of the budget problem is the federal government borrowed some of that and the fucking repubs don't want to pay it back. Also we wouldn't be having this conversation if the cap were to be adjusted for inflation which it never has. For those who don't know ss is only taken out of the first 100,000 give or take that you make in a year. That cap has been in place since inception. I don't have to explain that 100k back then is about 10mil in today's dollars. Up the cap then you have a solution to the problem. By the by I'm sick and fucking tired of the I pay enough taxes argument by the rich. Fuck you. This country gave you the arena in which you prosper so pay your fucking share. On a conservative note I'm all for the no loop whole flat tax due to the fact that it would work. These thieving bastards could no longer get out of paying the same rate I do.


  7. Today is the 4th Wednesday of the month, SS payday. All us old farts are "old people rich" today. Try stretching $1800 for two people for a month.

    I have other income and the house and cars are paid for, luckily, and it took our whole working lives to see to it, but it is by no means a lavish lifestyle.

    I have no idea how much I paid into it over the last fifty years, but I worked under the table for many of those years and retired at 62 so my benefit is less than $600. I'm glad I don't have to try to live on that. I'd be under a bridge with a short dog of muscatel and a can of dog food. That's my big promise from the government and they better keep it.

  8. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Bustedsbro, you ain't wrong bro