Monday, January 03, 2011

Old Mechanics Unite!

I see the bitching about the lack of snow plowing back East and raise you a shot of whiskey and and an old fashioned blast of oil out of a squeeze can. Apparently some one in Sweden figured this shit out.

They dug out a bunch of old antique trains with snow plows on the front from museums and put them to work.
No one from Goldman Sahcs or GM, Ford or Chevy  was involved.  Nor some snobby rich fucker named Bloomberg or Christie.

Hey, ya get what ya ask for.

Neither was one stupid fucking bastard from our Congress.

Amazing, isn't it?
There be a reason us old farts are still around taking care of the old shit, it still works. I absolutely love old machinery for this very reason, it was built to last and it still fucking works if ya take care of it.

Notice the part about the ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD SNOW PLOW!

Get the fuck out of the way  ya fuckin' whippersnappers.

Honda who?

Lol, just a dig at my buddy Gordon, I know damn good and well he feels the same way I do.


  1. I tell ya what the Swedes are also proud of; their icebreakers. We were there in August and they were falling all over themselves to show us how they kept their harbors running. Them people know how to deal with winter.

    An aside: I gotta ask Gord if his was one of those that was just recalled for leaky gas tanks.

  2. Can we import in some common sense?

  3. My new Honda is not involved in the recall, thank you for asking here. Heh.

    Go to YouTube and type in something like Truckee Train Snowplows. It'll dazzle ya. Some o' them big plows and blowers can launch a Subaru without hurting it. Much.

    Ya either deal with winter or be miserable. Spring, summer, and fall are magnificent here and we pay for that with winter.

  4. BTW, a plow service is about $300 a year. I've been here 30 years and am starting on my 3rd snowblower. Total expenditure for the first 2 blowers was about $1200. Do the math. Plus I get a lot of exercise by clearing my own snow.

    This is deep snow country. You simply must clear your driveway, particularly a sloping one like mine. The snow gets so deep no 4x4 will get through it, your rig will high center and slip 'n slide and break something (like other cars in the driveway or passing on the street) and then will get so rutted and icy you can't walk on it.

    I have a tremendous array of clothes, gloves, tools, traction aids (chains for my feet!), heat & flame devices, etc. to help me cope and I use them all every year.

    I'd throw it all away if some big-titted Swedish babe would come do it for me with her big 'icebreakers'.

  5. Also, those 2 snowblowers lasted as long as they did because of some major repairs at a measly outlay precisely because I'm an oild (Freudian slip typo?) mechanic.

    I've already got the factory service manual for the new Honda. The old ones were primitive technology, nuts 'n bolts 'n belts 'n flatheads. The new one is not.

    Hey, if it ain't broke, I can fix that. Heh.

  6. You really got me goin', dude. Just one more thing:

    The folks back east simply aren't used to all that snow on their city streets all at once. The plows were overwhelmed, and from the videos I see most of the folks drive reg'lar ol' cars. 2WD, no traction devices or studded snows, and they probably don't slow down very much and as a result they spin out and crash into each other, compounding the problem. They tried to act normally in an abnormal situation and it didn't work.

    That much snow is a regular event in my area, and almost everybody has a 4WD just so they can get around on their daily business, or at the least a FrontWD with studded tires.

    That said, some of the newer residents here bitch at the town if 3 inches of snow isn't cleared off their street instantly. Mustn't get their $50K Range Rover dirty, you know!

    I may be back. This is a topic at last that I know something about.

  7. As we speak, one of my neighbors is out doing some feng schnow rearranging with his Honda and the big town snowthrower is widening the street.

    This is just business as usual around here.

  8. Ain't allowed to drive with studs in the NY Metro Area. Don't know about upstate NY (their winters are like Gordon's) but down here it's verboten.

    Also, everybody's got a 4x4 here, but they're the fancy, luxo-cruisers with 22 inch wheels and 25-series tires that get as much traction as my '70 Chevelle did.

  9. 22 inch wheels and 25-series tires

    The Meskins do that here (silliest lookin' 'Burbs 'n Escalades ever) but they have the good sense to put the stock rims w/snow tires back on for winter.