Sunday, January 23, 2011

Been Quite Busy

This post deleted by the author as it was a bit too personal.
I had typed quite the cathartic missive but the only one it made feel better was me, and not by a whole lot.

TMI about family issues.

Granny is alive and well and went to an extended care facility this afternoon.

The damn truck started up and ran without missing a beat after crapping all over it's self the other night, I didn't even open the hood to look.

It must have sucked up a gulp of water.

I went to a benefit for Alzheimers that my brothers sweetheart of a girl friend busts her ass off for every year,

They went to the coast and got 150 Dungeoness crabs for a big feed and last I heard there were less than 30 left.


I could eat four of those bad boys by myself.
There isn't a crab out there that beats one of those, I don't give a shit what you bring, I have tried them all.
Snow crab, King crab, Blue crab, Rock crab, bring it, Dungeouness beats them all, claws down.

I am overdue to fall down and sleep. sorry, not much of a post.

I don't think I even cussed, must be tired.

I'll try again later.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. i'm sorry about granny having to move to extended living hon.

    and i agree with ya about dungeness crabs being the best forking crabs -- and add that my local netarts bay dungeness crabs are a dayam lot better than those san francisco dungeness crabs i had down in california.

    hope you are feeling back to your usual onery self soon and get back to cussing. wish i could reach through these tubes and find out if ya got a fever or something... tis worrisome when there's no busted swears dood :)

  2. 100% agreed on the motherfucken dungennesees! Check this shitte out: