Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I found out yesterday that one of my cousins had a heart attack and died, she was in her late thirties.

They say it comes in three's, this will be the third funeral since September.

I know we all get to take the dirt nap eventually but it is human nature to deny death and dying.

It is a tragedy and my heart goes out to my aunt, she is such a sweet lady and has already had to deal with the premature death of her husband many years ago, this is going to age her before our very eyes.

I am waiting for word on when the funeral is, I am here at Nasty Girls, she just got out of the hospital yesterday after having a procedure done that was serious enough they put her out for it.

She is fine and doing well.

Like the old saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked.
I must have been Ghengis Kahn in a previous life.

This really isn't about me and I realize that, this Blog is where I turn to when I need to get something out of my system, it's a relief valve. Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut but in the long run that ain't healthy so fuck it.

I know in my heart that it could be much, much worse so I tend to count my blessings instead of focusing on the negatives.

There is a new year right around the corner and we shall see what it brings, good or bad, if we are lucky.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Late 30's. That's just to damn young for that. Sorry Bro.

  2. dayam busted, i'm so sorry.

    sending ng healing thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery

  3. They say the good die young so I have to wonder why we're hanging around so long.

    I'd focus on the positives if there were any. If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

  4. Condolences Bro. It really sucks to see someone so young go before some crusty old douchebag who didn't deserve to live (ala Teddy Kennedy). I hear ya on the "relief valve"...

  5. As a member of a clan with way too many heart problems I am very sorry to hear about your cousin. Live while you can. Life is too short.

  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    We all gonna die on Dec 21 2012 in any fucking way.

    Josie, The Mayan Proliferator

  7. Sorry for your loss. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Stoppin by just to wish NG a speedy, full, and permanent recovery n thank you for all you do.

    Way to be there for her . . . just BE there for her till it's over. Cuz that shit counts.

    As you know, I know . . . recently.

    Good on ya hoss, don't ever change.

    Best to you both . . . with wishes from us both. ;-)

  9. N damn, SO sorry for your loss and your aunt's and family.

    31 is just too early . . . bless her and what she DID have while walking with us on this rock.


  10. Fuck man, 30 is too young to go. Sorry for your loss.