Thursday, March 26, 2009

Terminally Ignorant Fucks Handed Asses, Vow To Stay As ignorant As Current Events Allow

Ya know, I have had about all I can stand with these ignorant motherfuckers that defy solid evidence and keep trying to make our fucking kids get taught that evolution is not a viable subject to be taught in school, and are dead set about making Creationism the Official Policy, making tax paying citizens pay for fucked up text books and subjecting every damn kid in the school district they happen to be a majority in have to sit through this fucking idiocy and are supposed to take it as fact.

Listen up, assholes.

If you actually passed a Math class while you were jerking off in yer socks over Miss Bible Class, you should actually be able to follow some basic fucking logic.

Fact, you claim that the entire Earth is less than ten thousand years old.
Counter Fact,
The Bristlecone Pine tree has been documented to have survived in it's current state for over four thousand years, with direct, physical evidence, that it's forefathers were there long before that.
Counting the growth rings inside a living or dead tree will tell you how long a tree has lived and what the seasonal conditions were for every single year it was alive.

Add one and one together you ignorant fucks.
There is your Ten Thousand years, right there.

Two trees.

Shut The Fuck Up and stay the Hell out of any decision making process that has anything to do with educating our kids.

You are certainly entitled to your beliefs, I have no problem with that per se, just stay the Hell away from the educating of our kids, you are intentionally retarding the most technologically advanced generation in the history of Mankind and I have to tell you, Mankind has been around for Ten Thousand years, at least.
How do I know this?

I have heard Mother In Law jokes older than that.


  1. The Bristlecone Pine was an excellent choice to illustrate your point. I can particularly relate to them because they're just like me - ugly, gnarled old bastards that live high in the western mountains and require more work to actually go see than the christards are capable of, thank you Jesus.

  2. And by thw way, the godtards are ready for your 'science'. They know that god is very clever and put those rings in there to confuse non-believers/infidels just like when he had Jesus bury the dinosaurs.

  3. So that's what happened to the dinosaurs!

    All this time I thought it was an asteroid or a whole shit-load of volcanoes erupting at the same time, or it just got really really the Ice Age.

    Thanks for enlightening me, Gordon.

  4. I have heard Mother In Law jokes older than that.

    Look! Here's one now:

    Q - What's the definition of 'mixed emotions'?

    A - Watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Cadillac!


  5. It begs to mention that those bristlecone pines that are thousands of years old are hidden. Their precise location is kept secret by the Dept. of Interior to keep people from finding them and cutting them down. The oldest one on record is gone. It was cut down to count the rings. The scientist who did it regrets the act and keeps a slice of the tree as a reminder of what it costs.

    The Creationists have been trying to get at these trees for years to the point of endangerment.
    They would think nothing about eradicating a species that proves their 'logic' was a load of shit.

  6. Dang Busted, that very same thing came up in Texas this week.... I sez put both views out there and let the little crumb crunchers figger it out for themselves. School was meant to make ya think, not shove doctrine down yer throat....

    Hard core Christians should get off the literal interpretations and remember that old phrase "the Lord works in mysterious ways".... Creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive. Especially seeing as how the evidence of evolution has been unearthed for the last couple hundred years.....

  7. It is no secret at all where the Bristlecone Pines in California are located. They are in the Inyo National Forest, just off SR168 between Big Pine and Fish Lake Valley in the White Mountains. You can drive to within a mile or so of them and then you have to walk.

  8. I should add that the trees are out in the middle of nowhere and the road is only seasonally open. There is a Visitor Center and I'm sure they don't permit chainsaws. Hit the link in the comment above and scroll down a little.

    If you go in from the California side and miss the turnoff, you can get directions forty or fifty miles on at the next civilization you come to,Cottontail Ranch, which if you come in from the Nevada side you won't get past anyway. Heh.

  9. Nicely worded post.

    I believe Science Monthly just published a report stating "Ignorant Fucks" are actually part of a different gene pool. A group of homo erections that only emerged from the frog pond about 1000 years ago when the World was still flat.

    The Virginian

  10. Some dipshit teacher:

  11. you mean man didnt walk with the dinosaurs -- and i thought sarah palin was so smart!

  12. making tax paying citizens pay for fucked up text books and subjecting every damn kid in the school district they happen to be a majority in have to sit through this fucking idiocy and are supposed to take it as fact.

    OH NO! They get to choose the science textbooks for EVERY STUDENT IN THE US because they are the biggest school districts and buy the most books at a time. If it was just that they were ignoramous-ing their own kids it would be a damn shame, but they are stupid-izing ALL the kids in the United States. It's really a calamity.