Sunday, March 01, 2009

Here It Comes

I got an Email from my uncle telling me that my Paternal, soon to be 95, grandmother is coming over to the Weasal den for a visit in the morning.
I replied That the only thing I could guarantee was that I would have a couple places to sit, which is quite the improvement in itself.
Oh yeah, and that everybody had better go to the bathroom before they come because the frikkin' toilet is busted and I ain't fixed it yet.
There is a McDonalds a couple blocks away in case of emergency.

I have been wore out, I didn't do a damn thing today, a load of laundry and vacuumed up a couple of pounds of cat hair.

Today was the first time in a couple of weeks that I got to visit some sites I like to keep up with but even at a whole day, I am still far behind where I would rather be.

Anyways, I am going to have to get off my dead ass and go clean the joint up enough to find a couple of seats, it will be nice to see Granny, I have been remiss in my visits for about a month.

I have a weeks vacation coming and if I can survive long enough, I do believe I will be taking a week off right before my parents get back so I can focus on getting the joint liveable.


  1. ...aint that always the way...take yer vacation to work like a dog,just to 'catch-up'...i'm in a constant state of being behind...i'd have to burn all my vac time at once to get near 'caught up' the faith brother,weather is gettin warmer...

  2. Always need a vacation after the vacation, for rest, relaxation and recoup...

    Thanks for the grins as always, Busted...

  3. Whoa, dude, I saw where you got a major quote pulled off'n yourn blog by the blogmiester hisself, drifty.

    Been layin off bloggin awhile since i took a fall and knocked my shoulder outta socket. Doc says I got a torn rotator cuff. Wants to saw on me, drive in some tent stakes to tie the muscle to. Says it won't heal on its own and it's 90% tore, just hanging by a piece of meat.

    Three to four months of recovery. I don't know if I'm gonna let him hack on me or not. Anyways, congrats on the drifty thing and always enjoy reading your stuff.

    Birds of a feather, bro.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog (the impossible pies and stuff) and to let you know that I damn near fell out of my chair laughing as I have read your blog so far!

    You are so fucking right on so many things, it is almost scary.

    Anyway, count me among your newest fans.

    - TennZen

  5. hi there! i am glad you visited my blog cuz i got to read thru a number of your posts. what a mouth on you! and you crack me up! hope to see you in my neck of the woods again. thanks for visiting me!

    oh and i know about being that kind of tired. and dealing with the politics of the workplace. i feel your pain!

  6. hey busted - did you and granny survive? what did ya fix her for dinner?