Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So, How Is The Economy Working For Ya?

It's getting scary out there.
I have been house sitting for my folks for the past three months, and I have to say, this is not down town.
This is a fairly solid upper middle class neighborhood and I have been having the strangest shit go on since I have been here.
I have this one guy that stops by every week and wants to collect the empty beer and pop cans I put in bags and set out.

OK, have at it dude, I been there and ya are more than welcome to 'em.

Two minutes ago, at Eleven Fifteen at night, the door bell rings.
Not a good thing.
I don't recognize the beater car in the driveway so I take a precaution before I open the door and here is the Beer can dude!

He ain't happy because there aren't any cans outside!

What. The. Fuck?!!

I took the garbage and recycling out three hours ago and I know damn good and well there was at least ten Beer cans in sacks, in the recycling.

Somebody done beat the guy out of his money, which ain't much, but he came to the door a couple of weeks ago and asked permission to get the cans.I can't fucking believe there is someone out in this area that is ripping off the Can Dude.

That's fucked up.

Apparently there is someone in more dire straights, and the Can Dude needs to rearrange
his schedule.

He was not happy that there were no beer cans in the recycling and rang the fucking door bell at quarter past eleven to let me know that.

A locking storm door and a deadbolt on the front door, I ain't worried about the guy busting in and demanding a half rack of empty beer cans but it is sure as fuck a sign of the times when someone is swiping beer cans out of the recycling at ten o'clock at night.

The poor bastard was giving me a guilt trip because I told him he could take them and tonight there wasn't any when he got here.

By the way, this is going to be a big surprise to the old man when he gets back into town.

Heh,the poor Can Dude is in for a let down too, When I split, the cans are going with me, Daddy don't drink beer anymore.


  1. oh dear - but then, life in these here united states sure has been full of life's disapointments lately.

  2. Oh busted what a story that is, Sad yes but made me giggle! Course its your awesome writing that did it LOL! Your poor daddy will shit a brick when can dude comes knocking on his door at 11pm! You better warn him. These are scarey times ya know! xo

  3. We've got a couple guys that go around town here and grab the cans on pick-up day.
    It's sad when somebody has to do that just to survive, really tells ya where we are as a country.

  4. This reminded me that yesterday, while at the grocery store, there was a couple with a young child standing at the bottle return machines asked people if they'd donate their cans to them so they could buy "a few things." Someone complained and the manager came over and told them they had to leave the store. Sad state of affairs. And our town is very small, very small!

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  6. Wow. It really is tough out there. You hear all this anecdotal stuff and it really hits come. You put it all together and you realize that these are tough times that are still masked for a lot of people by their ability to use credit or to buy cheap stuff that gives the illusion of comfort.

  7. It sounds like there's going to be a war amongst the subsistence recyclers/scavengers, a turf war over beer cans. Yeesh.

  8. Good luck to that guy. We've got recyclers (the place you take it for cash) going out of business because there's no demand. The good thing about that is they've stopped stealing lighting wiring at playgrounds and ball fields. For a while they were stealing catalitic converters right in peoples' driveways.