Sunday, March 29, 2009

That Was Fun

I managed to get the transmission back in the Beast. I see I need to do a little fine tuning on the clutch adjustment. I fixed the fucking floor board too.

Had the kid who does the metal work cut me out a piece of sheet metal from a fucked up door skin on a Semi truck Friday before he left.
I drilled a bunch of holes and pop riveted it in in after I did some rust treatment.
The Fred Flintstone floor board is not conducive to comfortable driving, I hate it when my feet are dangling through the fucking floor boards.

I kind of knew there was something going on there but the floor mat was hiding it really well, I wasn't going to even look until I knew I was going to tear into the clutch. It was ugly but what the hell does one expect from a forty two year old four wheel drive in the Pacific North West?

I pretty much fucked off today but I still managed to get a few things done at the Weasel Den.
Tomorrow is Monday and I am going to go out of my way to stay in bed for an obscene amount of time.
I tried to do it today and I still got woke the fuck up by my cell phone.
That will not happen tomorrow.

Well, it wasn't my cell phone this time, I got woke up by the house phone and one of those automated messages.
Motherfuckers, I didn't even get the pleasure of telling someone to fuck off.
So now I am awake and have a hangover that would outright kill a lesser mortal.

Time for a beer, I'm on vacation dammit.


  1. Glad the Flintstone Floorboard is fixed...enjoy your Monday!

  2. yabba dabba do dood!

  3. sounds like you had a productive day. Must be nice to stay in bed, wish I was, my alarm goes off at 5:20am...

  4. Yeh, Flintstone floorboards suck....especially when it rains.

  5. I had a '48 Plymouth once. The floorboard was OK, but the pedals went through the floor, and it would squirt right in yer face when you hit a puddle.

    Had an old TR3 too. The floorboard was a green shag rug. A friend of mine dropped his watch and was looking for it with his hands. I told him to just wave goodbye to it.

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    We just came across this blog. Do you use this language because you're angry or get drunk. Poor fellow. Sounds like you have some bigtime problems, issues and headaches too. I'll pray life gets a bit easier. I just lost two neighbors, brothers,41 and 44, a week apart. Both had stomach cancer. Doctors had warned them. They started drinking first thing every morning. Kindest fellows you could meet, always happy, helpful, never cussed, always thinking to help others. Do you help others with a willing heart or just tell others to "go f - - - themselves"? Sad, so sad you are so full of rage. I'll pray for you. Doesn't look like you will last until everything goes down the tube and survival begins in earnest. I'll get you on a prayer circle so you'll have at least 78 praying daily for you. Surely there is hope; surely.

  7. Great, the language police again.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Both of my 95 year old Grannies know the real me, the sweetest guy you would ever want to meet, I'm just a big softie inside.

    All better now?

  8. Anonymous, I don't know who the "we" is that you are referring to, but you seem to be writing in the second person.

    To whichever one of your split personalities is writing,
    I do believe that the way we talk around here is none of your business. I can't speak for anyone else here, but I do not drink. Haven't for years, but that's none of your fucking business either.

    You seem to be the religious type, I am not. Don't believe those childhood fairy tales. So, don't waste your fucking praying on me, 'cause you're just wasting your time.

    Oh, one other thing...GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  9. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Well, Eddie,I imagine you must know how to do it!

  10. Hey, Anonymous, you're a pussy...and a fuck-face.

  11. Anonymous7:00 PM

    No Grandpap. There are 4 of us here: husband(me), wife, and a 12 and 14 yr old. Actually, it was my 14 yr old daughter who read the post of that sweet ole knucklebuster and came to me to point it out!

  12. Anonymous7:02 PM

    actually, Eddie, I'm fairly handsome.

  13. Hey, jerkoff, if ya don't want the kids to see language like this, keep an eye on them when they're surfing the net.

  14. Anonymous7:31 PM

    We have the controls on for porn; guess we missed a couple you and that sweet little knucklebuster. Sorry to say, most of our people in this nursing home we have are fairly senile if they are 75 or older and especially those nearing a hundred.

    Now calm down, little eddie, you are getting your hair in a twist. Look like you have a lot of anger to deal with too. Would you like a reference to a very good anger management clinic?

  15. A Fucking Vacation?

    I dont' think so.

    1) Are you camping with 5,000 folks, in tents, in the lower Sierra Nevada's, at a fest?

    2) Are you camping at ANY fucking altitude, at ANY fest, with anyone, at a fest?

    3) Are you a block away from where ya live, in some other habitude, other than yer own?

    4) Is there a fest on yer fuckin front lawn, wakin ya up at noon, and in general, keepin ya up fuckin all night long till ya fuckin g'thud?

    I didn't think so.

    Yer not on vacation.

    Yer on parole.

    Call us when yer ready to have a vacation. We'd like to help ya have fun.

    You know, beer, whiskey, live music, camp jams, fest foods, no work, no tranny's, no clutch's, no shit. No shit.

    I shit ya not. No shit.

    Butt what would EWE know, of ngo shit . . ;-)

    Yer killin me. ;-)

    Get a fest or two under yer unwashed underwear.

    There's chicks and good times to be had.

    Yer killin me, ya phuck, yer just killin me.


    No shit.

  16. Glad to hear you got the truck fixed up. Enjoy the vaca brother, sounds like you need it.

  17. ANON a wise man thinks before he speaks...but you wouldn't know about that. Why is your 14 year old here in the first place? You have no restrictions? The internet is an adult world and if you or your family can't deal with the REAL WORLD then log off and go change the depends on the old men in the nursing home. I'm sure you will find what you are missing.
    It annoys the shit outta me when people come and read one post on a blog and want to raise hell about something they know absolutely nothing about.
    I'm just sayin...

  18. Anonymous lady, don't think I forgot you.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways and loves a sinner.
    For what it is worth, a couple of weeks later, instead of being out on a Friday night, I find myself with beautiful clean fingernails after doing two hours of dishes by hand.
    This does not happen.
    A guy I work with who has been homeless has just made arrangements to buy an empty trailer right next door.
    I am going to give him everything I have to help him start from scratch and will be giving him a ride to work and back every day.
    Do not think for one second I don't believe, my Granny has been burning up the rosary for me for forty years.

    Now, if you would, find another seventy eight ladies to pray for him too.
    God Bless ya.

    I ain't so bad that yer prayers don't help!