Saturday, March 28, 2009

US Torture Legal Enablers To Be Investigated For International Law Breaking

Finally, someone is going to really test the legal opinions of the weasels who twisted and turned the interpretations of law for the Bush administration so they could justify torturing people.
Spain is leading the way.

There is no doubt in my mind that what John Yoo, David Addington , "The Stupidest Fucking Guy On The Planet", Doug Feith and that no good sonofabitch Aberto Gonzales did to enable the mistreatment of prisoners was criminal, now I get to see professionals go after their asses!

It's about fucking time.


  1. Yeah, and what's most amazing is that in the vanguard is Spain, which according to Marty Peretz, is a "Latin society" with "near-tropical work habits."

  2. thanks for posting this. i hadn't seen it elsewhere.

    you're a treasure.

  3. Well it's about fucking time SOMEBODY did something!

    I think we all know by now that our Congress and the DOJ ain't gonna do a damn thing. Don't wanna ruffle any feathers.

  4. I want to see those fuckers in the Hague. The whole lot you mentioned and more.

  5. Yet another case of ferrinners doing the jobs Americans can't/won't do for themselves.

    I hear they speak a dialect of Mexican in spain. Is that true?

  6. all of them ---- i hope i can say - dont drop the soap alberto

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