Friday, March 27, 2009

Busier Than A Seven Peckered Billy Goat

Damn straight there ain't no rest fer the wicked.

I don't think I can even remember all the shit I did today.

First off, Granny has been waiting for three months for this piece of shit, goddamn little plastic tray that was supposed to just slide over the top of her walker.
It showed up yesterday, and just as planned, it didn't fit.

I took the fucking cafeteria tray with two slots in it to work, along with her walker and spent 45 minutes with a Die Grinder opening up the slots that were supposed to slide right over the handles out and then throwing a couple of screws with rubber tubing on the outside on the back side of the damn thing so it would do what it was supposed to do.
She can just lift it off if she doesn't want to use it.That got done at nine thirty this morning and she is absolutely thrilled to have it.

In the mean time, I tried to keep the guys in the shop on track to get what needed done, done.
That didn't work so well because I have two guys that pretty much do whatever the fuck they want and spend half their time yakking at each other because my boss goes around me constantly and gives them these little projects to do.

In the mean time, I started figuring out what it was going to take to repair the throw out bearing arm that sticks in and out of my transmission because nobody has parts for a forty two year old Ford, anywhere, in town.
I backed it into the shop the other day to load up some crap and that was the end of that, the clutch quit working because the idjit I got it from fucked up the throw out bearing AND the arm that levers it back and forth.

I get to go to the shop tomorrow and finish putting the fucker back together.
Just for a bonus project, I found out I have the Fred Flintstone floor board going on.

I finally had an epiphany and realized the spring clip that had broke off could be reproduced with a bit of ingenuity by grinding down an old Sawzall blade and burning a couple of holes in the end to screw it down to the arm.
Ninety bucks and several hours later, My buddy Norm stuck the transmission back in my truck, after a great deal of fucking around with a piece of shit transmission jack and me laying on my back with a flashlight in one hand and a prybar in the other.I would have never got that sonofabitch back in by myself.

I had to beat feet after work and go pick up a prescription for Granny, bring that and the walker here, had a beer, took off for home, stopped and had a drink, went to Bi Mart, picked up a toilet seat and a lid , some canned goods, there was fuck all for ammo, more empty shelves than I ever want to see again, I snagged a brick of 22 LR and some 22 shorts, that was it.

Stopped and grabbed some smokes and then
tore into that toilet.
I have twenty five onion sets going gang busters, I snagged some more seeds for the garden I hope to put in before I fall over dead.

Yadda , Yadda, Yadda,
This has not been a great day and I have so much shit to do it would make yer head spin.

I finally got the toilet fixed in the Weasel Den tonight, I have about a ton and a half of big rocks to load up, by hand, and drag off, a hot water heater to swap out, not the one you are thinking about, a propane fired one that lays on it's side and has to have the outside cover glued and screwed to keep the rain out.
I have to fix the roof, finish unpacking, clean the joint up, fix the lights and do a ton of laundry.
Then it is time to pack up all my shit here at my folks, move that back, snag a couple of fucking cats and try to get them acclimated to a new place and finally get about thirty containers of garden soil unloaded, make some more raised beds and fuck all if I am not going to drink a bunch of beer in the next week.
I know damn good and well I am forgetting about ten more things that need to get done but I am going to fall the fuck down now.

Thanks for stopping by, if it gets a little quiet around here, it will because I am exhausted.


  1. Sounds like you are a busy man! But the exercise is good for you. What I truly didn't like was the two guys who your boss gives assignments to when they are supposed to be working for you. I would not trust those guys out of my sight.


  2. Damn Busted! Good luck gettin' all that accomplished. Yer gonna be whooped......

  3. hey sweetie, do you have a wife? Sounds like you need an extra couple hands around there! LOL!! Stay calm, stay focused, you always have tomorrow to finish what you didn't get done today!

  4. Always seems to be more "needs to get done" than "time to get it done", right?

    Good luck, my man!

  5. No wife, no girlfriend, just me and the cats and a large bottle of Aleve washed down with copious amounts of booze.

  6. Hey while you're at it pick me up a loaf of bread and dog gone it I forgot the cat food again.

  7. Being Ornery Bastard sounds a little bit like being Rehctaw. (g)
    Though I'd dearly love to have Mom & Dad still around to increase my load and a Granny would be welcome too.
    The sheer volume of detail work keeps me in a perpetual "what next" mode of thinking. Had to undo and redo the side wall of the bath/shower project after my design was vetoed by the oversight committee. Who knew?

    Woke up this morning to an inch of snow on the ground! Temp hovering around freezing. March: In like a lion, out like Godzilla.

    Any outdoor ambitions are in a holding pattern. Will bop out for the week's groceries, a few odds and ends for the ongoing projects, then back to the shower.

    The only item on my to-do list that keeps getting bumped off is the napping. What's up with that?

    Find Zen? My semi-finished house is reflective of my semi-finished life?

  8. i have a few errands that need to be run -- have any time?

  9. Don't forget to accidentally pack up the seaweed skin stuff when you leave. Gawd, I was doubled over laughing by the end of that post. Oh, I have several extra pairs of bath gloves... actually those are good things!