Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Shit

Go a little easy on the peas, about half of what she uses is more than enough.

I am going to make this next week for Granny, she doesn't eat as much as she should.
She doesn't do garlic or Cheese but I have had this several times and it is damn good eats, especially for lunch the next day.
Half and half, I'll make half of this for Granny and the other half will be Cajun, buried in Sharp Cheddar.
You can really do a lot of tuning with this dish.



  1. have ya fixed that paprika chicken for granny yet?

  2. Yer right, Busted, there's just waaay too many peas in there.
    Maybe replace some of those peas with some Roma tomatoes and provolone cheese....oh, and oregano in with the burger.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Thanks. I've had several versions of this over the years - somehow always cooked by others. Probably because I'm rabid about tater tots and they never seem to be in the freezer when casserole time comes in my kitchen.
    You're right - a lot of wiggle room with this dish and I agree with Grandpa Eddie - too many peas!
    Gonna have to put tater tots on the "keep on hand" list.
    Corned beef and new potatoes with some orange based beef gravy tonight. Come on over!