Monday, March 16, 2009

Prepper Kitty Sez,

I had a neighbor guy I work with fool around on a mini bike and wreck it and tore his knee all to hell, now he is going to have surgery and be off work for several months.

When I found out he was in the hospital I had his buddy and his kid come over to my place and I loaded them up with three handcart loads of goods. Food, powdered milk, toilet paper, all kinds of stuff so that his family had something to get by on until they got some other assistance.
Of course I will have to replace it all but at least I had it to give.

There is a hard to describe feeling of calm that comes over ya when you open up the pantry and it is full, when ya really need it.

Right now, I just got out of bed because the phone woke me up, I called in early this morning to work and told them I was staying home.

I really suffered with this head cold all night last night.Wicked sinus pressure, headache, stuffed up head and body aches. I have had this cold since last Thursday and it is kicking my ass.

I am going to try and break the fever later today.

Keep prepping, this economy is still FUBAR.

H/T Lolcats for the picture.


  1. Cool you could, like you said, draw on emergency items in a real-case scenario..

    You old Coot, you!

  2. You hit a note here with me. I need to stock up on toilet paper!!

    LMAO just kidding. (but it did make me stop and think....)
    Your kind actions have made me reflect not only the need to prep for your family but to be able to help out your fellow man along the way.

    Ok I guess I'm just trying to say... Ya did a good thing busted!
    (Jotting down TP on my list!)

  3. Busted--bless you. I've been in that situation.
    About this cold...this is a long time, enough time to get a secondary infection (like sinus). Maybe you need Rx.

  4. Everyone should be stocking up on the essentials like TP, batteries, light bulbs and food goods like canned staples, flour and sugar.

    keep the larder full and never hesitate to help out a neighbor, 'cause that's what we do.

    I got zero extra cash lately, lost all my overtime. Bills are stacking up and the goons are at the door. But there's still a little left over for the food bank.

    Who knows, I may be headed out that way myself. Gonna take Monkeyfister's advice and put out a couple of container gardens this year. Also, when the crop comes in, I'll show you guys how my dad does. He's a regular Jolly Green Giant!

  5. Great pic. And as for what you did... you'll get it all back ten-fold. Blessings to you and yours. Vikki at

  6. Ya know what else is cool about prepping? When you run out of something and you are in the middle of cooking dinner - just run back to the pantry and hidy-ho it's there!