Monday, March 09, 2009

Lots Of Things Going On

After work today, I stopped by the old homestead, lol, The Weasel Den, to check the mail.
One thing about this Daylight Saving Time bullshit, I farted around there and didn't get back here until seven o'clock and it was still daylight.
I managed to drag a bunch of crap that kind of got left in between the two spaces all the way behind my shed so it doesn't look so much like a junk yard when someone drives by and if someone wants to move in , they can.
Drug a bunch of crap out of the future garden spot too.
My Uncle dropped off some Strawberry plants in buckets that a friend did not want the other day and I drained the water off of the buckets and slid them all together and snagged a couple pieces of clear plastic sheets together over the top of them to make a makeshift green house for now.

He brought me a plastic compost bin too.

Off the scale nice of him to do, he lives clear the hell and gone away from my place.

He was going to bring me some extra garden soil and some boards to use in the garden but decided to wait until the weather clears up and I don't blame him a bit.
It snowed very briefly when I went to work, snowed briefly twice again later, hailed like a sonofabitch this afternoon, the sun came out and it was snowing when I pulled in the driveway here.
It only lasts a couple of minutes but that gives you an idea of how fast and often the weather changes around here.
While I was out in my future garden, I started pulling some weeds, big mistake, I didn't have any gloves.
An hour after I left , my hands thawed out and my knuckles were throbbing like a sick chickens ass.

It is going to be a while before I can get serious in the garden but It felt good in a way, kinda like,


I can't wait.


  1. Around here the saying is if you don't like the weather wait five minutes.

    Also it's a good idea to have a jacket of some sort with you even in the summer time.

    Spring is getting close. I'm ready too.

  2. i forking major dislike it when my hands get so cold they hurt.

    the weather is gorgeous to watch from inside my cozy living room - i particularly like watching the snow squalls and/or rain bands come across the bay, headed right for my living room windows. stuff melted as soon as it landed but it sure was pretty as it fell.

  3. Spring is startin' to show up here, too. Things are lookin' a little greener and there's more birds around. Saw a Red-winged blackbird last Thursday, and noticed Starlings and Grackles this week.

    Now if it'd just warm up a little more and stay that way.